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I'm Breaking Down Everything You Need To Know Now:
The Who, What, Why, How Much You Can Earn Freelancing 
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What Service to Start your Freelance Business with
Where To Find Clients Looking To Hire Freelancers
My Fail Proof Method to go from Zero to Putting in your 2 Weeks in no Time
Hi! I'm Micala!

Wife, mom, & work-at-home mom enthusiast.

A few years ago, I was an exhausted, desperate mom willing to try anything if it meant I could stop crying in the daycare parking lot after dropping my daughter off at school and crying at home when my husband said absolutely not” to my stay-at-home-mom dreams.

You know all those cliche, WAHM jobs? Been there, done that. 

When I finally found freelancing, I doubled my old teacher salary in less than a year...working where, when, and how I wanted... (Not to mention, I was working a fraction of the hours, too.) I turned in my resignation, picked my daughter up from daycare for the very last time, and never looked back. <<Okay that's the super short version!

Today, thousands of women have utilized my revolutionary program, free resources, and podcast to quit their jobs, land dream clients, and do it all with their families by their side!

Now it's your turn, & my freelance crash course is the perfect place to start!

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