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Want a seriously legit job that you can do from home? We are diving deeper into this blog post 7 legitimate work-from-home jobs for moms where I briefly explain seriously legit jobs that moms can do working 15-20 hours per week from home.

Today we are discussing copywriting. And the four pillars of writing copy for businesses!

If you like writing and you like sales, keep reading! This post is all about the legitimate work-from-home opportunities available to you as a copywriter.

Four Pillars of Copywriting

When I first learned about copywriting, I had no idea there was more than one way to write for businesses. My mind immediately went to Instagram captions or emails and I figured that was it.

They may be unofficial, but four pillars make up different ways businesses need writers.

  1.  Copywriter
  2. Content writer
  3. Proofreader
  4. Editor
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What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone that creates or writes content for a company with the intent to persuade readers to buy or take some other sales-related action.

They write engaging content to entice the reader to keep listening or following, to ultimately turn the reader into a customer.

The main goal is to provide value for the client through writing services that create value for the client. That could be from direct sales, new subscribers, or some other way that leads to income for your client.

Copywriter vs. Content Writer

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

A copywriter focuses on writing the sales pieces of content. It’s a very direct response-type writing, with a heavy emphasis on sales components.

Copywriting may focus on website copy, email sequences, or sales pages.

However, another avenue in the writing space is content writing.

And while a copywriter is focused on writing pieces with a sales flair and the intent of getting people to buy something, content writers focus on providing informational and educational content. Examples include blogs, ebooks, or other freebies businesses give away to educate their audience.

For example, if you’ve downloaded my free resource, the Freelance Starter Kit, you can see an example of something that a content writer would create for a business.


Ghostwriting is another common type of content and copywriting. When ghostwriting, you write a piece of content, but your name isn’t published. And you may not be able to use that content in your portfolio or disclose that you wrote it. This is very common in book publishing, but corporate companies also hire ghostwriters. Large organizations want their CEO published on big websites like the Huffington Post or Forbes. The CEO most likely cannot churn out think pieces regularly. So, a ghostwriter is hired to come in & write long blog posts or editorials for the select media companies, and the CEO is featured as the writer.

Proofreading vs. Editing

Other services that fall under the copywriting umbrella are proofreading and editing.

Proofreading is something that some people may specialize in or it may go to a virtual assistant, copywriter, or content writer to do.

Proofreaders are generally checking for grammatical errors or spelling errors before publishing.

An editor, however, corrects the core issues; fixing sentence structure, readability, clarity, and tone of the piece.

Editing is more thorough, looking at the whole text to check that the goals are accomplished in what the piece is written for.


What Do You Do As a Copywriter?

A copywriter writes content for…

  • email marketing campaigns
  • social media captions
  • websites
  • landing pages
  • newsletters
  • blogs
  • ebooks
  • product descriptions
  • ads
  • presentations

And that’s just a start to what you can do as a copywriter! Think about all the different content you come across when you engage with a business – all of that comes from somewhere (most likely a freelance copywriter!).


What Experience Do I Need to Become a Copywriter?

None! You do not need a degree or experience to become a copywriter.

When people start freelancing in the copywriting space, they typically will focus on one avenue like content writing or proofreading/editing. Sometimes these can overlap, or you can choose to do more within each service.

When you are just starting, you may need to fake it. Only until you can use real-life examples of work that you have written. In the Live Free Academy training, I have created bonus material for you to practice on. Fake businesses you can use to create samples for a portfolio to show potential clients that you are a capable and confident writer.

This is great when you’re just starting and waiting to land some paid, real-life examples of work to share. Copywriting is measured in results. The pay scale will increase with a proven track record of increasing sales through your copy.


How Much Money Can You Make as a Copywriter?

Copywriters typically charge around $30 per hour when beginning. And increase as they gain more experience. More experienced copywriters may charge $40+ per hour.


Is Copywriting a Service You Should Offer?

Are you currently freelancing as a virtual assistant, and thinking about pivoting into another more focused space? Or maybe you are thinking about offering writing in addition to the services you currently offer.

Start by asking yourself a few questions. Do you like writing? Do you have any experience writing? Was there a writing component from a previous or current job? Do you enjoy this component of the job? Do you read something and think, I could have written that better?

No matter your experience, if you love writing or editing, copywriting might be for you.

Start by downloading the Freelance Skills Assessment to help you determine the freelance skillset you can offer to paying clients today!

Worried About Starting with No Experience?

Are you reading this and thinking, Micala, that all sounds great, but I don’t have experience copywriting!

You don’t need it! I’ve said it before and will say it again-there is room for everyone in the freelance space-beginners to expert writers and editors.

Not every business has the budget for an expert. Some businesses need someone to help create content or edit it for publication. And that is what is great for beginners because they get actual experience + are getting paid.

And if you want to get experience with real businesses, join the Live Free Podcast Mastermind community on Facebook, and participate in the ‘Swap It Sunday’ threads. You will find opportunities to do real testimonial work for free to gain experience.

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