What Is Master Resell Rights - And Does It Work?

What Is Master Resell Rights – And Does It Work?

Master Resell Rights (MRR) may be taking over your social media feed with videos claiming you can make 6 figures in your 1st month. Wow, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?! What is master resell rights? Is it a scam or a legit way to work from home?

Whether you are new to the term and just want to know what it is or whether it’s legit–keep reading as I explain MRR. In this post, I’m explaining what master resell rights are, the good and bad of MRR, and the best way to earn a consistent, stable income from home.


What Is Master Resell Rights?

Master resell rights is a way to buy the rights to a digital course about making money from home so that you can resell it to others without plagiarizing.

This business model has been around for a while and in many forms.

Different types of resell rights:

At the base, the different types of Master Resell Rights are:

Basic resell rights

You can sell the product to someone else, but they cannot buy it to resell it, and you have to sell it as you bought it without making any changes to the product.

Rebranding or private label resell rights

You can sell the product to someone else after you rebrand or change it. Your customers cannot sell it to anyone else, but you can claim it as your creation.

Master resell rights

You can rebrand and resell the product with rights so that your customer can turn around and resell the product.


ROADMAP Course Master Resell Rights

So, what you are seeing on Instagram is, most likely, all these moms promoting this ROADMAP course Master Resell Rights teaching you how to become a digital marketer and sell digital products. But in buying that course, you also get the resell rights to sell that same course to other moms who want to learn how to stay home and make an income.

What is happening is that this course teaches you how to market and sell the course. Most people are buying that course and taking the plug-and-play things to sell that same course. So it is becoming people selling courses to teach others to sell courses to teach others to sell courses, and so on.

Many people see master resell rights as similar to MLM (multi-level marketing) in that you are recruiting people to buy the product and resell it. Think Pampered Chef, Amway, and Mary Kay products.

The difference between those companies and the ROADMAP course MMR is that when you purchase the course, you can make your own course and package it to sell to your target customer with your phrasing, then resell the course and rights to the course.

That is unlike the MLM business model and the affiliate marketing model, where you are reselling multiple products and recruiting people to resell them for a commission. With MRR, they claim you purchase the course 1 time and resell it.

Master resell rights: the good

  • Buy the course 1 time and resell it over and over and over again.
  • You do not have to recreate or create anything, so you spend less time on product development.
  • Some people have made a lot of profits with master resell rights. (A word of caution: anyone claiming to make 6 figures in 1 month is not the norm. While that person may have made that much money with MRR, that is not most people’s results.)

Master Resell Rights: the bad

  • The more people who sign up and resell the course, the more market saturation there is.
  • You make a lot of sales to make a decent money.
  • Oversimplify and underdeliver, the MRR course is not a business solution to start working from home ASAP. This kind of business takes time to create and build up.


Other Solutions for Working from Home

If you are reading about MRR you are looking for a way to work from home. Here are some of the options out there:


How to Earn a Consistent Salary from Home

Freelancing! Freelancing is the best solution if you are a mom who wants to start a legitimate business and earn a consistent, stable income working from home.

Here is why:

Few start-up costs

Freelancing has very few to no start-up costs. You can start freelancing today from home without training or skills or even a big list of email subscribers. The only start-up costs you will need are any business registration fees in your state.

You do not need to purchase anything to start freelancing! If you want help and a fast track to getting started and finding clients, my course The Live Free Academy can help you!

Do not need to sell a high volume of products

With freelancing, you don’t need a lot of clients or sales every month to make decent money. You can meet your income goal (for most students, it is their corporate salary) within a few months of starting and with just 3-5 clients. When you work with retainer clients, you work with them month to month to month, so you are not spending all your time marketing your business to customers or making sales.

Do not need a website or social media

You do not have to make a website or post on social media to get started or to continue to find clients. 2 of the basic ways to find clients are networking in Facebook groups and freelance job boards.

Do not have to recruit for sales

You do not have to ask friends and family to buy your products or services. There are tons of online business owners looking for help with basic administrative tasks, and specialty tasks to help run their businesses.


What is Freelancing?

So, what exactly is freelancing? Freelancing is working as an independent contractor for a business (rather than a full-time) employee. That means you are not receiving employee benefits and you are paying your taxes rather than the company taking it out for you.

Freelancing or working as an independent contractor means you also determine how many hours you work, where you work, and when you work.

Freelancers offer their services and skills to business owners to help the business. That can be services like general administrative work like email inbox management or appointment setting. Or it could be skills like social media posting, creating graphics for social media or Pinterest, and editing Podcasts.

This FAQ blog post has many commonly asked questions and answers about freelancing. 


Freelancing vs. Master Resell Rights

I asked for feedback from followers on Instagram to get actual results from people who have tried MRR. There were quite a few stories and anecdotes in the DMs that either they had tried it, and it did not work, and was way over-promised.

And many with friends or family members or people they knew in their personal life that tried it and it did not go anywhere.

So, I think there is the potential to make money in that route, but I think freelancing is a better option because it’s more sustainable and long-lasting. You don’t need a long time to get up and running.

At the end of the day, I think selling courses is a great way to make an income. However, the ROADMAP to MRR is not where I would go to learn how to do it. If you want to sell courses and learn how to create courses then go to Amy Porterfield.

The difference between selling courses and freelancing is what you have to do to build that business. To build up a course-based business you have to build a huge following, which takes time. So, if your goal is to replace your income as fast as possible (like in the next 90 days) then you should focus on freelancing.

To start freelancing, you need just 5 things:

  1. Internet or wifi
  2. Computer
  3. Service to offer
  4. Clients to pay you
  5. A business plan

More freelance resources

If you are ready to replace your income as fast as possible and want to do that with a virtual assistant business, then you want to check out my website – MicalaQuinn.com. You will find helpful tips on the podcast, blog, and resources page – all free – to show you the path to working at home.


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