What Do Stay At Home Moms Do All Day A Day In The Life With Lacy McShan

What Do Stay At Home Moms Do All Day: A Day In The Life With Lacy McShan

Lacy McShan is a full-time freelancer and stay-at-home mom, and is showing us what do stay at home moms do all day. Lacy is sharing a sneak peek into her stay at home mom schedule showing how she fits in client work as a freelancing social media manager, a playdate, and family time!


What Do Stay At Home Moms Do All Day?

Lacy’s Morning

Lacy woke up early today, before the kids, to get some client work in.

Lacy McShan intro

Lacy says she does not get up early every day, only about 2-3 days a week.

Next is breakfast before a playdate with friends. When they get home, the kids will nap while Lacy fits in more client work.


Stay at home mom schedule

stay at home mom to-do list



At the playdate, they plan on eating lunch after playing.

SAHM schedule playdate

Lacy plans to respond to some messages from clients who are brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects.













Back home

After their playdate, they are back home and ready for quiet time and naps. Lacy’s younger daughter is in her own room napping while her older daughter is in Lacy’s room calming down with a movie.

sahm schedule nap time and work time

Lacy shares with us that she does have an office space but usually starts out sitting with her older daughter until she is ready to nap. While sitting there, Lacy can work on client work.












Nap and work time

working at naptime

Next, Lacy shares her screen as she gets in some client work as a social media manager. She shows us that she organizes her client work with folders in her browser. When she clients the saved folder for a client, it contains everything needed for that client.

SAHM client work

For the client Lacy is working on, the client gives her a spreadsheet that includes all the projects and time the client wants Lacy to work on and the deadline for when the client needs it done.

Social media management assignment and time spreadsheet

Then Lacy shares her girls playing a bit after naptime while she works a little longer.

kid play while working


Becoming a Stay At Home Mom

No affordable childcare

Lacy shares that she previously worked in marketing and healthcare for many years and enjoyed it! However, after having her second daughter, seeing how hard childcare is to come by, and being unable to find affordable childcare for 2 kids Lacy decided to search for alternative solutions.

explaing why Lacy wanted to be a stay at home mom

Other online gigs

After doing some research, she found some online gigs that were great jobs but said they weren’t for her. They weren’t flexible options that allowed her to keep her kids home with her.

The Live Free Academy

Then she found The Live Free Academy course and followed it for some time before purchasing it.

After purchasing the course, Lacy says she went through it as quickly as she could and landed her first client within a month!


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Ideal client

She is still learning what she likes to do but knows her ideal client. Lacy is very holistic and natural when she can be. So, she wanted to work with someone similar in that regard because that is her passion!

So, she works for a naturopathic doctor in Arizona (Lacy lives in Tennessee).

Client work

For this naturopathic doctor, Lacy transferred her entire email campaign into the new software she wanted to use. Lacy says she had never done this before but had only worked with the software by watching a YouTube Tutorial and trying things for herself. She had no experience doing that project.

Lacy has recently been moving into more social media management in creation only. So she creates graphics and writes copy for her clients but does not schedule or post.


Stay At Home Mom Schedule Q&A

Q: Do you have to be tech-savvy?

Q&A tech savvy

A: No, absolutely not. I’m not a tech-savvy gal, and I have never been. I can do the basic things, and that is about it. But you can get past this 1 of 2 ways. 1: Don’t take on clients that need you to be tech-savvy; or 2: be upfront with your clients. If you are interested in a job but not familiar with what they need you to be familiar with, get on YouTube. Spend 5-10 minutes of your own time researching the software or product that they need you to use and grow your knowledge in it. Then you can apply for the job and say, “Hey, I have basic knowledge in x, y, z software. If you are interested in working with me, then I could grow my knowledge.”

Then you can split the time with your client if it is something you think you could use with another client. Or just be honest with them and spend an hour of their time learning about the software. 9 times out of 10, if you have a good relationship with your client, they are going to say yes.


Q: Were you afraid to make the leap from your current career to LFA?

Q&A afraid to make the leap

A: Yes, and here is why. I think 99% of us are nervous but for different reasons. I was at the point in life where I would have to put them in full-time daycare. Which wasn’t an option because no one had a spot available for my 1-year-old. And to go back to an office job or an 8-5 job, with no flexibility, and to bring home so little money that it was not worth it. I know a lot of you moms can relate to that with the childcare expenses how they are now, so that’s where I was.

I knew I had to make this work because I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to be away from my kids 40 hours a week only to bring home $200-300 a week it wasn’t worth it to me. And the previous jobs I had tried online were great, but not a great fit for me because you had to have child care for certain times, and at that time, I had no child care. So, for me, I had to make this work so I wasn’t going to be in a situation where I was going to be unhappy.

So, I woke up early a lot of days and stayed up late a lot of nights learning more. So I did whatever was necessary to land a client, be able to say that I am a freelancer and have an income, and my kids are not going to daycare all day every day.


Q: What happens when a client fires or sues?

Q&A fire or sues

A: When a client fires you, you have to make sure you have it in your contract for whatever notice you want. I have it in my contract that I want 30 days’ notice which gives me time to find another client to replace them. That way my finances are not thrown off by losing a client. And I give them the same respect. So if I decide not to work with a client anymore I will give them a 30-day notice that I will do my hours this month, but after that, I would be happy to refer you to another VA. I have not been sued, and I do not have any clients that I will ever have to sue so I can’t answer that appropriately, but Micala does cover that in the LFA course!


Q: Where/how did you find your current clients?

Q&A how to find clients

A: I found my clients strictly via the LFA job board. There are a ton of ways you can find clients, but this has just worked for me since the beginning, so I never needed to use another avenue to do so.


Q: What is your work schedule like? Is it flexible?

Q&A flexible work schedule

A: My work schedule is completely flexible. I typically keep up with my client’s hours using the time tracker sheet that is in the course. I only have one client for that we do it differently and already had it in place for anyone who works with her. It is easy to use, so I was fine with it.
Every week I see how many hours I need to work for that client that week. Then based on what my family and I have going on, I fit it in where I can.


Q: How much from each paycheck do you save toward taxes? Percentage-wise?

Q&A taxes

A: Tax-wise, my husband and I have decided that I will save 5% for last year just because of the way our finances were last year we will take a loss for a previous job that I had. It is recommended though to save 10% of your income. This year, I will be saving 10% of everything I make. It is super easy because it’s all in square, so it is done for me.











Q: What is your favorite tool to use for graphics?

Q&A favorite tool for graphics

A: For social media graphics, I use Canva. I just think it’s the easiest tool to use and there are so many options for things you can make on Canva. I have friends who do social media management a little more in-depth than I do, and they use Canva or Ripple. So that one might be a good one to look into.











Q: How’d you make those folders for each client’s links? Was that on Google?

Q&A folders for client links

A: Yes, the folders that I use are on Google Chrome. That is the browser that I use. On MacBook, I think it is the same on every computer. If you hit the star, which should be white until you hit it, it will bookmark your page. You can choose from there the option to bookmark to a folder. You can create one for each of your clients.











Q: How many hours/mo are you currently working and is that your max or do you want more?

Q&A hours a month

A: I currently have 70 hours a month between my 3 clients. I am not taking on any more right now. I probably will in the future when my kids are a little bit bigger, but my kids are 1 and 3 right now and are very demanding.


Wrapping Up the Stay at Home Mom Day

Hopefully, you enjoyed learning about what this stay-at-home mom does all day. I heard about her schedule, clients, and how she started working from home as a social media manager.

Lacy was on the fence for a while when first learning about it because it sounded a little too good to be true. As Lacy says,

“Usually, when things sound too good to be true they usually are too good to be true, but if you take  The Live Free Academy course, follow the steps, refer back when you get a little lost or confused, and hop on the coaching calls when you can you will be successful!”

You will find your ideal clients. It fits into your life where you make it fit into your stay at home mom schedule, and for me, that is a lot of before the kids get up and during nap time, or maybe a little bit when they are awake if needed.

Thank you for following along. Follow Lacy on Instagram @LacyMcShan and send a message if you have any questions.

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