WAHM Success Story: Amber Kindler on quadrupling her teacher income

157: WAHM Success Story: WAHM Success Story: Amber Kindler on quadrupling her teacher income

WAHM Success Story: Amber Kindler on quadrupling her teacher income



Amber jumped into freelancing at the end of Nov 2019. In less than a year, she left her job as a teacher, had her first son, and quadrupled her teacher income (all in 2020!) In this episode, Amber shares her story from teacher to freelancer, how she landed her clients, and where she sees her business going from here.

Amber works with TpT authors as a social media manager and copywriter, is a wife to a rancher in north central Kansas, and runs her business while her son sleeps.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Amber went from teacher to freelancer,
  • What Amber did to land her first discovery call,
  • How she turns her fears into fun challenges,
  • Why she chose the niche that she did, and
  • How she sees her business growing this year


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