Free Virtual Assistant Business Plan Template

Free Virtual Assistant Business Plan Template

Are you looking for a virtual assistant business plan template? If you are considering starting a business, this virtual assistant business plan checklist will help you step-by-step to start your business TODAY!

Here is the thing most people hear “business plan” and their eyes glaze over. Something about it sounds so incredibly boring, right?

When I started my virtual assistant business, it was less according to a business plan and more trying things to see what worked. And while I did double my old teacher income by working just 20 hours a week, it took longer because I didn’t have a plan.

So, I have developed this virtual assistant business plan to help you start your business and start landing clients ASAP!


Download the Virtual Assistant Business Plan Template

Following this checklist and using my other free resources will help you fast-track your virtual assistant business.

If you are ready to start today, Download the Free Virtual Assistant Business Plan Template Here!

So, let’s get into it!

Step 1: Prep and plan

In this step, you are going to prepare and plan your business. Because starting a business is more than just dreaming about it.

It is also:

  • Planning out what you want to create
  • Thinking about WHY you want it

This step might not be the most fun step in the process, but an important one. Knowing why you want to start this business will help you run your business. Your WHY will help you keep going, even on the hard days when you might want to give up.

Step 2: Identify your services

When starting your VA business, think about the services you can help businesses with.
Can you organize an email inbox? Can you write social media posts? Can you create images in Canva?

Virtual assistant business service ideas

These are just a few services you can offer in your virtual assistant business. If you need more ideas, check out my list of 100 Virtual Assistant Services to give you an idea of how you can help business owners.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

General Administration
  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment scheduling
Social Media
  • Scheduling posts
  • Creating graphics
  • Writing post content
  • Blog writing
  • Email sequences
  • Ghostwriting
  • Landing page content
  • Creating show notes
  • Editing podcast episodes
  • Audiographics


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How to determine your virtual assistant services template

Do you want more help in determining your virtual assistant services Download the Freelance Skills Assessment for FREE here!

The freelance skills assessment is a brainstorming activity I created for you to help uncover your freelance skill set. You may feel like you have no experience or skills to start as a virtual assistant, but you more than likely do!

You just need to uncover the skills and talents you possess that you are not thinking about. These are things you do naturally every day or have done in past jobs that are probably second nature to you but are something a business owner either does not know how to do, does not want to do, or does not have time to do.

To get an idea of these skills you possess, consider these things and the skills you need for these:

  • Past jobs you have held.
  • Positions you have held, paid or volunteer positions.
  • Strengths.
  • Daily responsibilities in life.

Download the Freelance Skills Assessment to walk you through this and determine your virtual assistant business services.

Step 3: Identify who you want to work with

The next step in the virtual assistant business checklist is to figure out who you want to work with and how you can help them. This step is where the traditional marketing analysis business plans start to emerge.

In this stage, you will need to do market research to understand your target audience, competition, pricing, and how you speak to your target audience so that your messaging attracts them.

Consider what clients are a match for you by understanding what services their business will need. How can your services help them? Knowing this will help you speak to them. Think about the words and phrases they use and incorporate those phrases into your messaging.

Craft all this market research and messaging to attract your ideal client, and write it out. It will form your ideal client avatar.

Step 4: Pricing and packaging

Now, we are getting to the fun part of the virtual assistant business plan checklist! You get to create your pricing and service packages.

When it comes to packages, there are 4 basic service packages you can offer. Those are Hourly retainer, project-based retainer, one-time project, and VIP intensive.

4 Virtual Assistant Package Types

For more information on virtual assistant packages, how to set up packages, and common pricing mistakes, read this blog post about How To Create Virtual Assistant Packages.

Determining your packages and rates

When you are just beginning, I suggest offering a monthly retainer package. This type of package will keep income consistent and stable month to month.

In this package type, all services will be included in these hours, and you perform them month to month. Then the client will purchase one of your packages and get those services for the month.

An example is in the photo below. Include 3-5 services you will offer in package one for a set price. Package 2 offers the same services but increased hours and price. Same with package 3, your highest number of hours and price.

If you start your first package around $300, at 10 hours a month, that makes your hourly rate $30 an hour.

You can get additional help pricing your services with the Ultimate Pricing Calculator here!

Step 5: Develop your brand

Brand board

Developing your brand is usually a fun part of the process! Choose your business name, brand colors, logo, images, and foundational copy in this step of the virtual assistant business plan!

This post on How To Create A Brand Board will help you with this step in the process.

Start by creating a free account in Canva, then sign in. Search in the search bar for brand boards. This will bring up a ton of examples that you can use, to begin with and change to create your brand.

Find a template you like and customize it with colors you like for your brand. Then go back to the main screen to search for logos. Find one you like and update it to make it yours, then add it to the brand board template.

Here is an example of what mine might look like.

Virtual assistant mission statement

You will also want to develop a virtual assistant mission statement that describes what you do, what you will accomplish, or how you will help people. Just a short description is good, it doesn’t need to be anything long.

I often describe it as an elevator pitch, where you need to be able to pitch your company and services in a 30-second elevator ride.

Step 6: Connect with clients

There are a lot of ways to connect with potential clients.

  • Facebook groups
  • Direct outreach
  • Social media
  • Personal networking
  • Job boards

This blog post will break down these methods for connecting with clients and can help you pick which route would be best for you!

Once you determine the route you want to take, you need to create our strategy to land clients. How often and how much time will you take to connect with clients?

Next, create your outreach templates. These might be different depending on the route you choose to land a client. For example, on Facebook, you will need a short pitch similar to your elevator template for comments. If you choose direct outreach, you will want to create an email template for reaching out to potential clients.

Step 7: Develop a portfolio

You will need a presence to show businesses that your virtual assistant business exists. That could be in the form of a website, social media profile, or digital portfolio.

Keep in mind, especially when you are starting, you do not need to spend money on a website to find and land clients. There are free options like a digital portfolio you can create and download for free in apps like Canva to send to potential clients!

Step 8: Landing and working with clients

After connecting with clients, you will likely have a fitting or discovery call. (A short meet and greet to see if you 2 will work well together.)

In this step, you will want to prepare a script for your discovery call, and get any proposal templates, contract templates, invoice templates, and onboarding process templates ready to go when you land the client and need to send these out!


Next Steps

There you have it, a free virtual assistant business plan to help you get your virtual assistant business running! Download the free template here to get the checklist and start working from home today!

The Live Free Academy

If you want additional help in actually executing the checklist, or you want the step-by-step process to getting your business up and running ASAP, join my program, The Live Free Academy. This program will give you everything you need to land clients fast and start making money from home!

You get the step-by-step training program, all the templates for connecting with and landing clients, skills training to level up your services, coaching calls, and monthly challenges.

Learn more about The Live Free Academy here!


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