Virtual Assistant Branding What, Why, How

Virtual Assistant Branding: What, Why, And How

When you start a business as a virtual assistant, branding may not be top of mind. However, it’s important to your business, as branding is part of your marketing.

Branding is one of the best parts of starting your business. It’s the first impression people get after interacting with your new virtual assistant business. And is a part of how you connect with your ideal clients.

Learn more about what virtual assistant branding is, why you should invest your time and energy into virtual assistant branding, and how to brand your virtual assistant business.


What Virtual Assistant Branding Is

Branding is the first and last impression of your business.

It starts with the design, colors, font, and logo to help potential clients identify your brand. And it extends to the messaging and story of your business.


Why You Should Brand Your Virtual Assistant Business

As a virtual assistant, you want your brand to scream, “I’m the answer to your problems!”

But how do you get someone to click your website out of the sea of options on the internet? By using elements of graphic design to brand your business. Branding can help you grab their attention at first sight, then capture their heart with your messaging.

Your branding should stand out and attract your ideal client. You want them to stay on your page to learn more about you and your services rather than clicking away to another website.


How to Brand Your Virtual Assistant Business

The Parts of Branding:



Brand Visuals:
  • Name: Branding can start with the name of your business. You can choose to use your name or think of something creative.

If you choose your name, it will more easily transition or grow with you down the road.

If you don’t want to use your name, pick something significant to your ideal client. You want to pick something that reflects your brand.

Either route you take, you want to research that it is not already in use. Look at the website URL, and social media handles to see if they are available.

  • Colors & fonts: You should shoot to pick 2-3 fonts: a fancy accent font, a bold attention-getting headline font, and an easy-to-read simple text font.

Your colors should reflect your ideal client and the vibes you want to give off. For example, if you want a relaxing feel to your brand, picking a high-energy color, like red, will not give your potential client a relaxed experience when scrolling your social media page.

  • Logo: A simple logo is the way to go. Something text-based with a clean design will resonate with potential clients. If you are not creative, use Canva to help you design it. They have templates you can use!
  • Images: You will want both brand photos of yourself and stock images to use. Take a good mix of both headshots and lifestyle photos. When taking brand photos, hire a professional photographer or choose to DIY.

There are tons of free stock images on sites like Unsplash. Pick images your ideal client will be drawn to and goes with your brand.

Brand Messaging:
  • Personality: what is your virtual assistant brand personality? Is it going to be witty, girl-next-door, ambitious, or simplistic? Think about your ideal client and what would speak to them.
  • Title, tagline, and elevator pitch: Your title describes the primary service you provide—for example, virtual assistant, social media manager, or copywriter.

A tagline is similar to a slogan or catchphrase. It can be creative or simple and describes what you do.

An elevator pitch is a short phrase that describes in more detail what you do in about 20-30 seconds. So, you can explain what you do over a brief elevator ride.


What’s Next?

Are you stuck in the virtual assistant branding stage? Maybe you are ready to start a business, but learning about everything you need to get started overwhelms you.

The Live Free Academy can help! It’s an 8-step course with all the information and resources you need to get unstuck. Learn step by step, at your own pace. You will finish with a beautifully branded freelance business that speaks to your ideal client!

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