Tips for Working Remotely: Setting Your Pricing and Packages

When you’re researching how to start a small business at home, there is a lot to consider. What line of work? How many hours? How much should I charge?

Setting Pricing and Packaging

Learning how to price your services can be a huge sticking point in moving forward in your business. You want prices that are fair and reflective of your skills and experience, but you also want them to be attractive to ideal clients. How do you decide between hourly or project-based pricing? How do you know the industry standards? So many decisions!!

As it always does when running your own business...pricing your services ultimately comes down to confidence!

Will everyone like your prices? No. Or if they’re probably pricing yourself way too low!

There will always be someone willing to do that project or offer the same service as you at a lower price. And there will always be someone doing that project and offering that service at a higher price.

That’s why confidence is key to pricing your services and sticking with that price.

If you are working toward a goal (launching your business, up-leveling your skills, raising your rates) and you keep getting stuck because you are questioning if you are worth the rates you want to charge or you are scared to charge the amount you know you should charge- stop! Your doubts and questions are never a reason to let your goals slip away.

Everyone has doubts. Everyone has fears. Everyone worries about pricing too high and not delivering on the value. Everyone thinks if they raise their rates they will lose all their clients. If you are human- you have to deal with doubts!

But those doubts are never, ever a reason to quit! What can you do instead?

Make a list of everything you have accomplished, overcome, or learned. Look at it. Add it to your bulletin board or laminate it and leave it out on your kitchen counter. Every time a new doubt enters your mind, remember your list. Remember that you can do hard things, that you have tackled bigger challenges than this, and that you have learned so much in the process.

Soon, that voice in your head will shift from who would pay me to help them? to who wouldn’t pay me for this?!


Work-from-Home Resources

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