The Top 3 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Future of Work

The Top 3 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Future of Work

In the past few years, freelancing has really picked up steam. When I was first searching for options that allowed me to stay home with my babies and work, freelancing was never mentioned as an option. It was hard to find information about, and most people didn’t understand what it was!

Then the pandemic hit, and people realized they had other options than the traditional job. Since more and more people have wondered what other options are there. Why drive for 30 minutes into the office and work from an internet-connected laptop when they could do all their work from home (on that same internet-connected laptop)?!

Freelancing is the future of work, and it may not be as far off as many think it is!

Freelancers make up about a third of the workforce, and the pandemic only made that number grow. It is predicted that the majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelance by 2027.

It’s easy to see why freelancing is growing so fast! It has a lot of benefits to offer!

So, if you’re ready to learn why so many moms are turning their back on their traditional 9-5 jobs for freelancing, read on as we discuss the top 3 reasons why freelancing is the future of work.


The Top 3 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Future of Work

  1. Stability
  2. Freedom and flexibility
  3. Opportunity
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1. Freelancing Provides Stability

As a freelancer, you can have multiple clients. That means you have multiple streams of income, allowing you to diversify. So, if you lose one client or determine they are not a great fit for you, then it is not an end-all deal-breaker. You can add another client to replace those hours.

Different from having a full-time 9-5 because when you have one full-time job, it is your only income stream. If your employer decides it’s not a good fit, you can be left searching for a new job in an instant.

Want a pro tip? Up your rates, since you have more experience now! As a freelancer, you set the rates for the work you provide. So, you could start earning $20 per hour and build up confidence and expertise. As you gain more expertise and clients, you can raise your rates with each new client. Adding a new client at a higher rate helps you to triple your starting rate!

2. Freelancing Provides Freedom and Flexibility

You are in control when you build your business strategically.

You decide who, what, when, where, and how you work. So, you can work during naptime, the regular 9-5, or at night. Many freelancers find it helpful to create blocks of time throughout the day to work.

If you block out a time in the morning, afternoon, and night it can add up fast! And these time blocks can coincide with when your kids sleep so that you can work uninterrupted during each time block.

Or you can work strictly at one specified time during the day.

It’s all up to you, and what works best for your schedule and your family!

3. Freelancing Provides Opportunity

With freelancing, there are endless opportunities! You don’t have to stick with work that you have a degree or background in.

So, teachers, you don’t have to stay in the teaching realm! If you want to become a podcast manager, you can do it! So many women in the Live Free Academy have a background in a different area than they started freelancing in.

Freelancing is also providing moms with opportunities by boosting their careers. Freelancers are always expanding their skills by working on new projects and with new clients. Continuously adding new skills gives freelancers a competitive edge in their field or any other workspace.

With freelancing, the opportunities are endless. Start as a virtual assistant and transition to a social media manager, for example. You can always take on a new client and do a few projects to test out what you do and don’t enjoy, then build on that skill set you do enjoy. You can do that with more clients in that niche, and continuously expand the services you offer.

Before you know it, you can position yourself as an expert in that field!

So, are you ready to turn your back on your corporate job and join the other moms who have tried and loved freelancing? Learn more about how to start today with the free resources on!

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