The Community Manager Job Description

The Community Manager Job Description

A community manager job is a great way to niche your services and help busy business owners with their business. If you are looking to niche your services from a general virtual assistant role, but are not sure that you want to go the social media manager, then a community manager role might be the job for you! Learn more about the community manager job description in this post!

The need for the community manager job

Community managers are a need for busy business owners. In Facebook groups alone there is a lot of work to keep up a community for a large Facebook group. And those things take up a lot of time!

Benefits of an online community

You see for someone like myself, a Facebook group can do a lot for an online business! For example, an online community in a group like a Facebook group can build up the community. It can build trust among and engage current or potential members.

With all the benefits of creating and building up an online community, it is a lot of work to keep it running and manage the group daily. A few tasks needed to manage an online community are:

  • accepting new members
  • doing a little sleuthing to identify scammers and keep them out
  • ensure there is consistent posting and/or commenting.
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Community Manager Job Description

As a community manager, there are a few various tasks you may be doing for clients. Depending on the group size and whether it is a free or paid group.

  • adding members
  • engaging and answering questions
  • creating a social media schedule and/or posts

Daily responsibilities of a community manager

Adding members

When adding members, there is more to it than just hitting accept on every request that comes in. If the group is a paid member-only group, for example, The Live Free Academy that is the home to the best student community I know, you are going to be double checking that the requesting new member is a paid member, is up to date on membership fees, or any other requirements for becoming part of the group.

If it’s a free group, then you will still do some background to make sure it’s an actual person, not a bot, and not a scammer just trying to get access to the members of the group.

Engaging and answering questions

Many groups have engagement rules, and as a member you have to follow them or risk being kicked out of the group. Many of the common rules are being respectful of others, no spamming, and no promoting yourself except on approved “promote your services” posts.

As a community manager, you may get tagged in posts that are not following the rules or asked to keep an eye on the conversation.

You may also be asked to answer questions from members when the group owner is unavailable.

Creating a social media schedule and posts

This one kind of overlaps with the role of the social media manager. It can be done by a social media manager, however, if the business owner doesn’t have one it can also be part of the community manager job role. Creating a posting schedule and posts for a private member-only group is going to be a completely different strategy, topics, and posts than it will be for a public social media page.


Skills Needed to be a Community Manager

  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Organizational
  • Basic technology skills


The Difference Between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager

As I mentioned earlier, these roles are similar but different. How? A community manager manages a private group, while the social media manager manages the public page. The community manager and the social media manager will both engage in posts and comments, answering questions, creating a strategy, and creating posts.

The difference is that the audience, goals for the audience, and strategy are going to be specifically for the members of the paid group or for the general public. Therefore, the content and strategy of the community manager is different than that of the social media manager. The biggest difference is who the target post is for, which will change the goals and content strategy.


How To Start Working in the Community Manager Role

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