Become A Successful Freelancer: Avoid This Top Mistake

Become A Successful Freelancer: Avoid This Top Mistake


There is SO much conflicting advice on just about every topic out there on the internet. If you’ve googled anything related to “infant sleep tips” or “when to start feeding solids” you know what I am talking about! And if you have ever looked into freelancing or how to become a successful freelancer, you know there is no shortage of mixed advice there too!

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And this has become more and more clear to me as I see different people start their freelance business, get stuck and then give up shortly after.

I’ve noticed it in a lot of facebook groups, even my own… when I see people ask a question on how to get started and the varied, conflicting response they get!

I also work closely with moms who are in the launch, build, and growth phase of becoming a successful freelancer. I see where they get stuck and distracted. I also see the ones who have almost instant success. I built my program off my personal experience in growing a freelance business, and have seen it be very successful for those that follow and implement my strategies, but then I also see those that start out (either with my program or without my program) take forever to get off the ground if they do this one thing!


Curious to see what other people think the biggest mistake people are making,  I brought up this topic in my facebook group. You can check out the thread here!


Okay, so I got a lot of responses on that thread, and a lot of them were very valid, and while I do agree with most of them, I do not think any of them deserved the mac daddy title of BIGGEST MISTAKE.

Before I share what the biggest mistake is, here’s what the moms in my facebook group suggested:

1.Self-doubt or lack of believing in self: While this is an important piece to success, it isn’t the biggest mistake unless it prevents you from taking action. Everyone struggles with confidence and/or believing in themselves at one point, and in some cases, this doubt may make us BETTER at what we do. As you get more and more experience your confidence will grow. For tips on how to get confident in the early stages of starting your successful freelance business, feel free to check out this post!


2. Not having systems in place: Again, systems are important, but really isn’t a major priority until you actually have clients… it’s like people complaining that they are too skinny and none of their clothes fit… having too many clients and needing to revise systems is a GOOD problem to have… having no clients but awesome systems in place… now that is a sucky place to be.

3. Figuring it out on own and not investing — not everyone has a budget to invest… but at some point, if you are not sure what to do, how to do something… you might have to invest. This isn’t a necessity when starting out, but can definitely make the process faster! When it’s time to invest… think about the ROI… for example, my course is $197 right now… It’s 197 in the beginning up front… but you have to think about what can that do for you in 3 months… 6 months… or even a year from when you invest? This investment has helped working moms replace their full-time income up to about $5K a month and SAHMS add $1-3K on to their family’s budget a month, depending on how many hours they work.

Now, while these can all be mistakes, they still aren’t the number one mistake…

Avoid THIS mistake if you want to be a successful freelancer

The biggest mistake I see, especially with moms starting out in the freelance industry is getting distracted by what everyone else says you should do.

  • Build a website
  • Build up your social media
  • Build your list
  • And the list could go on…

Remember all that conflicting advice? Yep, this is where moms get stuck. Not that these things are not important… but when you are just starting out, what is going to really bring you the most bang for your buck is building relationships with potential clients,  networking with potential clients, and getting on discovery calls with potential clients.

Not any of the fancy stuff above.

Here’s why: Building a website, an engaged and impressive social media following, a big email list that is interested in your products takes a ton of time and money.

That’s time you could be spending doing what actually matters in the beginning stages and what is actually going to help you land clients in the beginning stages.

That’s money you could be spending on a course, coach, or program that can help you achieve results faster!

Now the website, the social media, the list, are all important for the long game strategy… but you DO NOT need to have those in place before you start doing what is going to actually turn you into a business… getting paid and getting clients.

Let me repeat it one more time for the people in the back!


Those are just going to distract you and prevent you from landing clients ASAP!

There are tons of moms in my course that do not have a list, a website, or even a social media presence and are fully booked out.

Check out Dalaina’s success story here!

Now they might start to add those things as a means to scale their business. But in the beginning, they didn’t waste time on all of those distractions. They add these items in strategically when they are ready to scale!

So you might be thinking… how am I supposed to land a client and become a successful freelancer if I don’t have a website, a list, or even an engaged SM presence??

Well… I’ll keep you in suspense!

I share the secrets to building a profitable freelance business without wasting time or money + everything you need to launch your business in my Jumpstart Course.

If you want a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to build your business, you need to check out my course today! This course helps moms earn $1k-5K per month (depending how many hours they want to work) on their own time and schedules, and typically in less time than their full-time jobs!

Click here to check out the facebook live I did on this topic!

Hope this was helpful and hope this lets you see just how possible (and not overwhelming) launching your business can be, especially if you avoid this mistake!

P.S. I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Do you agree with me?! Is this really the number one mistake people make on the journey to become a successful freelancer?

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