Starting and Managing an Online Presence for Your Home-Based Business

Starting a home-based business involves many steps. Some are easier than others, but all are important. One of these is ensuring that you have a solid online presence. How do you do that? Micala Quinn has some advice for you on how to successfully work from home, including starting and managing an online presence.

Starting an Online Presence

To build a business you need visibility. You need people to know you have a business. This does not mean you have to spend a ton of money on marketing or building a website.

I do not believe you should invest in any paid advertising or invest in a website (both time and money), instead, some great options are easy to navigate and FREE!

So how can you create an online presence that is quick, easy, and FREE?!

  • Create a digital portfolio! Again, Canva is a great resource for design and you can find examples of different portfolios on Pinterest - just search your niche and portfolio!
  • Create a Facebook business page!
  • Be strategic with your personal profile. Add links to your business profile and portfolio in your personal profile
Online Presence

Managing an Online Presence

Too many businesses start social media accounts and then just let them wither online — this is a big mistake. Have you ever gone to a website only to see specials on the home page from six months or a year ago? Customers quickly move on to a business whose website is up to date.

It’s true, managing a website and a half-dozen social media accounts takes effort — but especially in the beginning, this effort pays off. Down the road, you can hire someone else to manage your social media and post new blogs to your website.

Work-from-Home Resources

Work-from-Home Resources

I’m a mom on a mission- & I’m not stopping until everyone has the opportunity to transform their lives & experience the freedom & flexibility this freelance life allows! So the fact that you’re here right now reading this is HUGE to me because it means I’m one step closer!

Why am I so passionate about sharing the message that freelancing is an amazing work-from-home option for moms?

Because I know first hand the struggles—guilt, financial stress, worry, unfulfillment—that come when hardworking women like you become mothers and have to decide between leaving their babies, leaving their careers, losing their income, and losing a part of their purpose.

Download my freelance starter kit today to launch your own home-based business.