Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay Morrison started her freelance journey when she suddenly found herself a single, homeschooling mom of 5 (yes, five!):

After my divorce, I moved myself and my children back home to be closer to my family and regroup my life. Even though I had a college degree and would have been able to find work, the daycare costs alone would have eaten through it in a heartbeat. I first heard the term “virtual assistant” from a blogger friend when I worked with her to create some pinnable graphics; I’d never heard this phrase before. After some investigating, I signed up for a beta program called Create Your Laptop Life (which has since become a large movement and is how I met Micala) and taught myself additional skills, among them Genesis WordPress design and Clickfunnels training. I set a goal of $2,000/month for myself and reached it within 6 months.

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I continued to uplevel my game – learning additional coding skills, hiring a coach and building a team of people I worked with on projects – and steadily built my business from $3,000/ month to $5,000/month. Days ebb and flow, especially the days I need to be more mom than freelancer. Money comes and goes, you have to continually network and garner leads. But you know what? I also get to go on playground trips and day dates with my new husband. I am raising the next generation of girls to love coding and design and be whatever they want to be. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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