Freelance to Freedom

Join the WAHM revolution with your 5-step guide to earning at least $3,000/month while working at most 25 hours/week.

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Skills Camp (3)

on demand freelance skills camp

Social Media Management

Day 1: Social Media Management 101 + Strategy

Day 2: Skills Sharpener: Instagram Carousel Posts

Day 3: Skills Sharpener: Instagram Reels

Day 4: Skills Sharpener: Instagram Stories, Stand Alone Images, & Video Oh MY!

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on demand freelance skills camp

Virtual Asssistant

Day 1: Email Inbox Management 101 + Customer Support

Day 2: KPI & Data Entry Management

Day 3: Social Media Posting + Engagement

Day 4: Podcast & PR Pitching

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crash course

Learn how to how to get started freelancing & land your first client

This FREE crash course will teach you all about the freelance industry, so you can finally end the family vs. finances battle.

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Your Freelance Skills Assessment

You already have a very valuable and profitable skill set that you can leverage into a freelance service that business owners will pay you good money for, even if you doubt yourself right now.

Uncover your freelance skillset

Learn how to get started with the knowledge and experience you already have!

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Find Your Freelance Service

Grab this cheat sheet for information on all the freelance services you can offer…starting today!

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Launch Your Biz Checklist

Ready to launch your freelance business?! You need a solid business foundation first! Grab this checklist for the exact steps to build your freelance foundation.

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Routes to Land Freelance Clients

Inside this guide, I’ll cover the FIVE routes most freelancers use to find and land freelance clients!

plus... more!

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