Virtual Assistant Project Management What Is It

Virtual Assistant Project Management: What Is It?

Have you heard of virtual assistant project management? Yes, it is a thing, and we are talking all about it in this post!

So, whether you are looking to scale your business or start a virtual assistant business, keep reading as we talk about what project management virtual assistance is, the differences between VA positions, and how to become a project management virtual assistant!


What is a Virtual Assistant Project Management?

A virtual assistant project manager helps to manage projects. As a virtual assistant project manager, you will work with the business owner to create and develop a plan for a particular project.

You will first determine the project goals and any project deliverables. Then from those two, you can figure out the tasks needed to complete the project and on what timeline.

A few examples of this would be managing a product launch.


How is a Virtual Assistant Project Manager Different

From a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants and project managers are different in that they help a business owner with executing different parts of the business.

A virtual assistant completes tasks for clients. The business owner will give them a list of things to get done, and the virtual assistant will execute them.

For example, this could be organizing their email inbox or scheduling social media posts.

From an operational business manager?

An operational business manager (sometimes called an online business manager) generally focuses more on the day-to-day operations of a business and the overall strategy.

Things an operational business manager will help with could be implementing systems or creating marketing plans.


What Tasks Do Virtual Assistant Project Managers Do?

  • Track progress toward project progress.
  • Communicate project plans and requirements to the team.
  • Define project tasks and resources.
  • Manage team members’ time and resources for a specific task.
  • Manage project changes.
  • Track project deliverables.


How To Scale Your Business to Virtual Assistant Project Manager?

Do you have a virtual assistant business that you are looking to scale?

You may be ready to transition from virtual assistant to project manager.

Whether you are ready to start or scale your business, listen to this episode of the Live Free Podcast to learn the ins and outs of starting and scaling a freelance business.


You do NOT need certification to become a virtual assistant project manager.

However, having a certification will help you land clients at higher rates! A certification can help ease a client’s fears that they are getting someone who knows what they are doing, making it easier to land the client.

Before you decide to get a certification in project management you want to consider the costs and benefits associated with it. If you decide to go that route, start by searching for project management courses or certifications you can take. Then decide which one most aligns with your business goals, and will help you help your clients.

Training and skills

If you naturally are a big-picture person and can think through the steps to take to accomplish a task or project. You already have the skills needed to become a virtual assistant project manager!

Having some previous skills or experience working as a virtual assistant or project manager will help you when starting to transition your business. The skills needed to be a virtual assistant will help you think through what resources are required and the timeline each project should keep. In addition, any project management experience you have, whether virtual or corporate, will help you manage projects for clients as a virtual assistant project manager.


How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant Project Manager?

Are you still wondering how to become a virtual assistant project manager? Start by downloading the Freelance Crash Course + Skills Assessment!

This free resource will help you figure out exactly what skills you already have that you can use to start your virtual assistant project management business today!


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