The Freelance Leads Tracking System


Trello is one of my favorite tools for tracking client leads and storing their contact information! The Freelance Leads Tracking System has everything you need to follow your leads from initial contact to proposal signed.

Quickly visualize where every client lead is in the sales process, as well as your overall progress with finding and nurturing clients. This system also allows you to evaluate your monthly conversion rate, so you can see where clients stall and make the necessary tweaks to grow your freelance business. Never lose or drop a lead again!

What’s inside:

  • Immediate access to a Trello board ready for customization. Keep track of all your client leads at-a-glance!
  • Thirteen columns plus cards with directions tracking every lead throughout the process from initial pitch to final proposal. Calculate your conversion rates each month to track progress!
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I know. We’ve all been burned by quick downloads that promise the world, right?!

Here at MQHQ, we under-promise and over-deliver on all our products. So if you don’t love the first digital download you purchase from the Freelance Shop, let us know within seven days, and we will work with you to make it right. No matter what.

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