6 tips to help you confidently price your services

61: 6 tips to help you confidently price your services

6 tips to help you confidently price your services


Ok today’s topic may ruffle some feathers! We’re talking about all things pricing your services and I’m giving you 6 tips to make this tough task easier!

I often see the question, “How do I figure out what to charge?” and I get it! Pricing is one of the hardest parts of running a business. Use these 6 tips on your next proposal so you can land clients, increase your rates, and meet your goals!

6 tips to help you confidently price your services:
  1. Feel confident and comfortable about your prices
    • Not confident ENOUGH with your rate yet? Listen to episode 7 on how to gain confidence as a beginner
  2. Make your prices public
  3. Update your prices as you land clients
  4. Raise your rates on existing clients
  5. Continually evaluate your business and prices
  6. Understand that you will be too expensive for some and not expensive enough for others

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