How To Offer Pinterest Management To Clients

How To Offer Pinterest Management Services

If you turn to Pinterest to search for vivid photos of new recipes, outfit ideas, or any creative inspiration then offering Pinterest management services might be for you!

Did you know?

Pinterest started in 2010 as a social media app aimed to replace paper catalogs. Back then it was called Tote. Tote didn’t make it amongst the other social media apps because of its lack of in-app payment options due to the lack of technology at the time.

Becoming Pinterest

However, Pinterest users began saving (and sharing) items they liked, so when the creators of Tote saw how it was being used. They adapted and Pinterest adapted with them to become the visual search engine it is known as today.

Pinterest is an amazing platform for small businesses looking to reach their specific audience by showcasing their specific services, recipes, shop items, and blogs!


Pinterest Management Services

Pinterest managers help clients connect with potential customers by creating a strategy to help the business promote products or services.

List of Pinterest management services:

  • Creating a business account
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Designing pins
  • Scheduling and planning content
  • Audits
  • Optimization
  • Managing engagement
  • Analyzing KPIs


Pros and Cons of Pinterest Management

With any job, there are pros and cons. What are the pros and cons of offering Pinterest management services to clients?


  • There is variation in the role so you get to do a little bit of everything: designing, writing, research, and analytics.
  • It takes critical thinking, planning, and strategy.
  • Every day will vary with the tasks you are doing for clients.
  • Many businesses use Pinterest, so there are a lot of Pinterest management opportunities.
  • Many different niches do well on Pinterest.
  • You can do all the work from home!
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  • This role will take practice and probably some training to master.
  • It’s not something that can be done on autopilot, you will need to monitor client accounts regularly.


How Does Pinterest Work?

So, if you are thinking this sounds great, but I don’t spend a ton of time on Pinterest. How does Pinterest work?

When a Pinterest user finds a pin interesting they click it, share it, or Pin it (save it). The more popular pins get shown at the top of the screen giving it more ability to be seen by more and more people.

When that user clicks on the link in the pin, it opens to the business’s website–whether that is a blog post on the website, a landing page, a recipe page, a product page, etc. Which increases the traffic to the website.

This increased traffic converts new users to warm leads. After spending some time on that page or saving the pin, hopefully, that user will come back continuing them along the sales funnel to eventually make a purchase.


Steps to Offering Pinterest Management Services

1. Find a course to teach you Pinterest for business.

There are plenty of options out there! Free videos on YouTube if you want to DIY it. There are paid courses that focus on Pinterest management. Whatever the route you take, using Pinterest for personal use and business is different, and you want to learn how to use Pinterest for business.

Some of the things you will want to make sure to know how to do as a Pinterest Manager:
  • Create a business profile and/or convert a personal profile to a business profile, and optimize the business’s profile.
  • Enable rich pins.
  • SEO and keyword research.
  • Write SEO-friendly headers and descriptions for Pins.
  • Create beautiful images for Pins.
  • Create boards.
  • Find group boards to join.
  • Which metrics to track.
2. Start searching for potential clients that need Pinterest Management services.

Start applying to job boards looking for Pinterest managers, do cold outreach, or network through Facebook groups to find clients who need help with Pinterest management services.

You can even begin as a Pinterest virtual assistant and make money as you learn more about helping to manage Pinterest accounts!

To help get some experience create a fake account to practice on, and use the Swap it Sunday threads to trade small projects for a testimonial.

Then add that to your portfolio, and draw on the experience when talking to potential clients on discovery calls.

3. Create Pinterest management packages

After you get some experience and are comfortable with offering Pinterest management, add these packages to your portfolio or website. (And replace those services you don’t enjoy doing for clients with your Pinterest management services!)

Do not forget to raise your rates after gaining more experience, training certifications, and clients!


Pinterest Management Success Story

Sure it all sounds great, but is it realistic? Yes, it is!

If you are doubting it, then you will want to check out this success story with Chelsea Hall.

I interviewed her on the Live Free Podcast where she shared her story about leaving the classroom and starting a Pinterest management business. With Pinterest management services, Chelsea ended up doubling her teacher salary in less than 1 year!

Read Chelsea’s Pinterest Management success story on the blog here!


How to Start A Business Offering Pinterest Management Services

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