199. Overwhelmed with starting? Reframe how you think about your current experience

199. Overwhelmed with starting? Reframe how you think about your current experience


EPISODE 199 SHOW NOTES: Assessing Your Skills and Experience

Are you feeling overwhelmed with starting your freelancing business? Are you feeling stuck in the beginning stages? I want to talk with you today about the 5 stages of feeling stuck in those beginning stages. Today we are focusing on the first stage of feeling stuck which is the “what can I even offer?” stage and how you can reframe the way you think about your current experiences.

For this episode you are going to want to grab a copy of my Skills Assessment. The skills assessment breaks down the freelance services into a few common options that I see in the freelancing space (there are even more but these are most common). Check out the corresponding blog post and podcast episode for each common freelancing area (linked below).

Feeling stuck is normal and will happen but we don’t have to stay there. This is not a sign to give up or that freelancing isn’t for you. Don’t let this hold you back from hitting your goals and building the business that you want. 

So, when you are thinking about “What can I even offer? What skills do I have?”, reframe how you look at your experience. You have a skill set that can be used in the freelancing space, no matter what it is that you are currently doing. 

When thinking about the skills that you have and how it translates to freelancing, remember that there are two different skillsets that you have. The hard skillset is knowledge that you have learned through education, experience, trainings. A soft skillset is your natural abilities or personality. 

Following along with the Skills Assessment:

  1. Brain dump all the different experiences you have had – work experience, volunteer experience, business experience – any experiences that you have had whether paid or unpaid. Pick 3-5 jobs or experiences from there.
  2. Brainstorm the hard skills that you have gained from this experience. Do that for each of those jobs. 
  3. Look at the hard skills that you wrote for each job and think about the soft skills or natural traits that you have that allowed you to excel at this skill. 
  4. Evaluate your brain dump. What are things you loved or hated? What was easy for you or what stood out to you?
  5. Time to make a decision – look back at each of the freelance jobs and listen to the episodes for them (linked below). Which one excites you most? Which one does your current skillset align with most naturally? Start there. If you go through and can’t make a decision, I would recommend starting asa VA.

If you feel like you don’t have experience, reframe the way you are thinking. What do you have experience in that would translate to the freelancing space? If you are feeling stuck about how you can translate those skills, reach out to me by email or DM me on Instagram and we can chat about how you can translate those skills.

The next episode of this series releases on April 11 so be sure to tune in. This episode will walk you through just how realistic your goals are and how realistic it really is to replace your income!

Thanks for spending time with me today! Let me what you thought about this episode over on Instagram @Micala.Quinn! Chat with you there!


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In this episode, we cover:

  • Feeling stuck in the beginning stages of your freelance business

  • Hard skillset vs. soft skillset

  • Skills Assessment steps and how to work through them

  • Reframing the way you think about your past experiences

  • How you can translate the skills you have into freelancing

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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