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Episode 269: Overcome Your Doubt and Start Your Freelance Business from Home




Happy Monday, and happy LFA anniversary! Today marks SIX years of me starting this business and helping other women build, launch, and grow their very own freelancing businesses. We are celebrating in a big way – you can sign up for the course today through September 15th at midnight and get a $500 discount. If you’ve been on the fence for awhile, this just might be your time to enroll! Please reach out to me if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

And speaking of doubts, I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the most common doubts I hear from women that are thinking about enrolling but something’s holding them back. I get DMs and emails all the time, like weekly even, of moms telling me they desperately want to freelance BUT… one doubt or another is holding them back. Here are the most common “buts” I hear so often:

1. I don’t have time to build a business.

I get it. We live busy lives, but we can be creative here. You really only need 10 hours a week to get started. Where can you find some extra pockets of time? Waking up early, your lunch break, after the kids go to bed, on the weekends? If you want to find some time, you can!

2. I don’t have any skills. 

I promise – you already have the skills you need to get started. You’ve got skills, talents, and experience that can be leveraged no matter what your professional background is or isn’t. If you embody any one of these qualities, you’re good to go: problem solver, creative, strong writer, self-motivated, or organized. 

3. I don’t have any experience. Who’s going to hire me?

First, do you really not have any experience? You’re experience from another job is definitely applicable in the freelancing space. You just might be new to working in contractor capacity. And, even if you don’t have any experience. There are plenty of job opportunities for beginners. Some people have more modest (but decent) budgets and they’re looking for a beginner that they can train themselves.

4. I don’t know how to build a business or land clients. 

…YET! Of course, you don’t! That’s because you haven’t done it yet. I didn’t know how to either when I first got started. I did all the research, learning from mistakes, and refining, and now, I can walk you through exactly what to do (from legal tasks to skills training and beyond).

4. I’m scared to fail. 

I was too. This one is hard, but we have to challenge these thoughts. What is the worst that can happen? What will failure even look like? I can tell you that if you want to freelance and you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can freelance. You will make it work. If you want the freedom, flexibility, and financial stability that comes with owning your own freelance business, that’s all I need to know to know that you will succeed.


I hope today’s episode eases some of your worries. Thanks for listening! If you still need to lay out all of your doubts and fears, please reach out to me! And don’t wait! Our anniversary sale ends on September 15th at midnight. Reach out over on Instagram: @micala.quinn or email me at hello.micalaquinn.com.

There is now a 12 month payment plan option! You can get started in the Live Free Academy today for just $147! Head over to go.micalaquinn.com to get all of the details and to get started!

In this episode, we cover:

  • How I got started building this business 6 years ago!
  • 5 doubts that might be holding you back from building your business and working from home
  • Details on our anniversary sale going on now through September 15th at midnight

You’ll love this episode if:

  • You want to work from home as a freelancer but doubt is holding you back
  • You’re ready to start your business but don’t know where to begin

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

  • There is a new 12 month payment plan option on the Live Free Academy. You can get started today for just $147! Check it out at go.micalaquinn.com
  • Head over to www.micalaquinn.com/shop to check out the new template shop!
  • Check out my free crash course on freelancing here!
  • Check out last week’s episode here!
  • Check out the new resources added to the website to help you kickstart your freelance journey! Check those out at: www.micalaquinn.com/resources
  • Connect with me on Instagram! @micala.quinn

  • New to the idea of freelancing? Learn more HERE.

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More about the Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn:

How do I get started? What if I fail? Who will hire me? Is it really possible to create a consistent, full-time income from home?

Welcome to the Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn where we will be answering these questions PLUS many more! Whether you’re just starting your freelance business (heck even if you don’t know what freelancing is yet) or you’re looking to scale, this podcast will give you tangible business advice along with inspiring interviews to help you create a life and career that works for YOU and YOUR family.

Your host, Micala Quinn, started out teaching high-school English, but when her first child was born, she immediately began searching for something more. She wanted a way to stay-at-home with her daughter (and future babies), but still needed to bring in a full-time income to help support her family. Micala started freelancing, quickly replaced her full-time income, and now helps other moms (like you) get started and grow their freelance business from scratch to 5K and beyond! She believes that being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom no longer needs to be a black and white decision. You CAN have both. On your terms!

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