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87: Living your best life as a mom and business owner with Kendra Hennessy

87: Living your best life as a mom and business owner with Kendra Hennessy

87: Living your best life as a mom and business owner with Kendra Hennessy


Kendra Hennessy, podcast host and founder of Mother like a Boss, is on the show today to bust through the excuses and scenarios that are preventing us from living our best life as moms and and business owners.

If you haven’t heard of Kendra yet, you are going to love hearing her no-nonsense and realistic approach to managing our homes, families, and businesses! She is a home management expert and positive motherhood enthusiast. Kendra puts a fresh, modern twist on homemaking so that moms feel confident managing their homes and families no matter where they are in their motherhood journey.

Kendra and I talk about her journey from owning a house cleaning business to starting Mother like a Boss. Plus, how she has partners with her husband to create a low stress home life and what she thinks about mom guilt! Kendra and I have such similar missions in wanting to support and encourage moms to live their best life.

Find Kendra at MotherlikeaBoss.com to learn more about her awesome podcast and courses. If you enjoyed this episode, let me know in a review! Thanks for listening and talk soon!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • how to work with your spouse when building a business,
  • why investing in yourself needs to be a priority, even from the beginning, and
  • Kendra’s view of mom guilt and how it effects her work and home life

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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