How To Get Started Freelancing & Land Your First Client ASAP!
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1:45 -- Quick Intro To Me
7:59 -- What Is A Freelancer
9:15 -- Freelance Services
13:15 -- Who Hires Freelancers
19:30 -- Why Do They Hire Freelancers
22:05 -- Why People Will Hire Beginners
25:59 -- Where To Find Freelance Clients
35:43 -- How To Build Stable Income As A Freelancer
41:08 -- How Much Can Freelancers Earn
54:23 -- How to figure out your freelance skill set
1:10:45 -- How to Find the Time to get started on the side
1:14:06 -- How to build a freelance business
1:22:48 -- What you need to have a solid foundation for your business
1:29:07 -- Strategy to land your first client
1:32:21-- Introducing The Live Free Academy & how I can help you reach your goals!

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