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Hi! I’m Micala Quinn. Wife, mom, & Forbes-featured business owner.
Five years ago, I was an overworked and underpaid teacher, barely making enough money to cover the cost of daycare (and at the time, I only had one baby! I don’t know how we would pay for 3 under 4 + big girl school now!) 

Being a SAHM wasn’t in our budget, so I needed to find a job that was flexible, financially secure, and for real. I tried everything — an Etsy biz, baking on the weekends, I even dabbled in the MLM world. Nothing clicked.

Until I found freelancing and became a virtual assistant.

Not gonna lie — it wasn’t an overnight success. There was some trial and error along the way, but in less than a year, I tripled my old teacher take-home pay working half the hours. 

I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a flashy Website or invest in many training programs. Instead, I used the skills and experience I already had as a teacher to land clients and ran their businesses as efficiently as I ran my classroom. And now? I’ve taught thousands of women –- teachers, nurses, corporate managers, HR reps, stay-at-home moms — how to replicate my success. This is real. And it’s possible for anyone looking to end the family vs. finances battle.

Here's a tiny sneak peak of what you'll learn inside:
Day 01
What freelancing is + what you really need to get started.

Bonus PDF: Deep dive into the top 5 freelance services.
Day 02
How to uncover your freelance skillset, even if you think you have none.

Bonus PDF: Freelance Skills Assessment
Day 03
Who hires freelancers and why some clients prefer beginners

Bonus PDF: Sample clients & freelance tasks to practice!

Day 04
How to create a freelance business plan & realistic timeline for how long it can take.

Bonus PDF: Freelance Business Plan

Day 05
How to take action on building your business despite having fears.

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