5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

Determining what services to offer as a virtual assistant can feel overwhelming. What are the most in-demand virtual assistant services? Does being a virtual assistant mean I am only offering administrative work? What other services are there?

Many factors go into deciding what’s right for you! Read on to learn what in-demand virtual assistant services you can offer, how to choose virtual assistant services, and how to get started working from home as a virtual assistant!


What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Virtual assistants do recurring tasks for a business that need execution daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Sometimes virtual assistants can be a “jill of all trades” by doing many different tasks for the business. And other times will niche down and perform one specific service for a business.

Want to learn more about what a virtual assistant is? Check out this blog post, FAQ: Virtual Assistant Jobs! You’ll learn all the basics of virtual assisting and the most commonly asked questions.


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5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

In this post, we gave 100 ideas of services you could offer as a virtual assistant. That’s bound to get you thinking creatively about how to package your services.

Here are the top 5:

  1. General administrative services
  2. Marketing
  3. Podcasting
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Customer service

Now obviously, you don’t need to offer all of them, but having one of these in-demand virtual assistant services in your offering is a great idea!

1. General admin

General administrative tasks a virtual assistant can do are email management, inbox management, creating templates, appointment setting, and supply ordering.

These tasks are the backend of the office—the administrative part of the business that keeps the business running.

2. General Marketing

General marketing can encompass various tasks like marketing research, sales funnel creation, social media management, SEO, and lead generation.

Digital marketing is something a business cannot do without, so it’s one of the most popular niches that virtual assistants can turn to. There are a lot of marketing options that you can learn about and specialize in!

3. Podcast

Podcast management is growing like wildfire! But it takes a lot of work to produce and air every show. So, business owners and podcast hosts find virtual assistants to help them execute some of the work.

It can be researching guest opportunities, creating show notes, pulling content and sound bites for promotions, or creating landing pages.

4. Bookkeeping

This is one of the most critical parts of running a business! And it’s something many business owners hire a virtual assistant who loves accounting to help them with.

A bookkeeping virtual assistant can help with payments and invoicing, orders and refund processing, payroll, or tracking income and expenses.

5. Customer Service

Customer service could easily fall into the general administrative bucket, but with so many specialized services, it deserves its own category. Business owners need help with customer service by responding to emails, chats, and messages on social media, taking product orders, or managing product records.


How Do I Choose In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services?

When you start a freelancing or virtual assistant business, it’s a good idea to begin by offering a broad range of services.

After landing a few clients and doing various tasks for them in different service areas, such as social media scheduling, inbox organization, and calendar management, you will get a feel for the tasks you like to do. You will also get a feel for the tasks you do NOT want to do.

Then you can start to position your services around the tasks you enjoy. (Life is too short to do work you hate, right?)

You can start replacing clients that you currently have with clients more related to your service niche.


How Do I Get Started as a Virtual Assistant?

You can get started as a virtual assistant by taking these four steps.

  1. Name and legally set up your business
  2. Create your services and packages
  3. Determine how you will find clients
  4. Define your process to wow clients

Easy enough, right?

You could start digging through blog posts and podcasts on various websites to find bits and pieces of information on how to start your VA business and start building in a few months.

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