How to Successfully Work from Home: Building Your Brand

Starting a work-from-home business is exciting, but not without pitfalls. Having a mentor by your side to give you tips for working remotely and show you how to work from home with kids is invaluable. Micala Quinn assists moms working from home who want to start their own business by teaching them how to build their brand.

How to Successfully Work from Home

When you freelance- you call the shots. You work where & when you want. You set your rates. You decide your clients. Heck….you even decide what services you offer! You will create a career that ignites your passion & reinvigorates your life- & you’ll do it all with your babies on your lap. You can have it all.

How to Successfully Work from Home

Building Your Brand

When you create your business and are working to create your brand, you want it to catch your ideal client’s eye and make her (or him) think WOW! She was made for me!

Branding can be time-consuming, but to get your business started, it doesn’t have to be! Keep it simple and remember - done is better than perfect!

What you need when first developing your brand is

  • A business name
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Images
  • Foundational brand copy.

Canva is a great free design resource and you can find inspiration on Pinterest for all of this & more! In the OTO group, we encourage new students to drop their logos and biz mood boards so that other students and alum can chime in with suggestions and encouragement!

How to Successfully Work from Home

Training to Work from Home

The reason you feel there is something more for because there IS. And it doesn’t involve choosing between finances and freedom.

You can have both. You deserve both.

And you can start building that TODAY.

Download the free freelance starter kit today.