How to Start a Home-Based Business

If you’re feeling trapped in your 9-5 job, you may be searching for ways to work online at home. Working from home can bring you the freedom you always wanted but never thought you could have. Micala Quinn’s work-from-home resources can help you start your home-based business.

Game Changer: Moms Working from Home

Many women enjoy their careers — the challenge, the opportunity, the money. But when a husband and children come along, the workload often becomes too much. There aren’t enough hours in a week to work a full-time job and manage a home and family. Is there a solution?

Absolutely. Freelancing.

First, when you do the math, you’ll see that by paying for daycare or a nanny, coffees and lunches out, takeout for dinner, work clothes, commuting fees, and other costs associated with working onsite in an office, you don’t come out too far ahead. What if you quit your 9-5 job and cut out all those expenses? How much would you have to earn to break even? (Pssst….If you start a home-based business, you may do far more than simply break even! A former teacher here- I tripled my take-home pay as a freelancer!)

Game Changer Moms Working from Home

How to Start Working from Home

When you Google work-from-home jobs for stay-at-home moms, you may not get a lot of encouraging results, but don’t let that get you down! Micala Quinn’s work-from-home resources can help you by teaching you how to become a freelancer.

As you will see in the free resources and Live Free podcast, choosing your field, narrowing your scope, and planning how you will build and grow your business are the secrets to your success as a mom working from home.

How to Work from Home with Kids

Once you determine what type of home-based business you want to start and create a plan to get it off the ground, you’ll want to look through Micala Quinn’s tips for working remotely when you have children. You can only distract them with an iPad for so long, and besides, isn’t one of the goals of working from home getting to spend more e time with your children?

When you think about how you’ll work from home with a baby, you may think because newborns sleep so much that you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands. But as any new mother can tell you, your “free” time will likely be largely spent nursing, eating, napping, and doing laundry. Give yourself a competitive advantage and hire a sitter for a set number of hours per week so you can put the work in that your home-based business needs to thrive. Or, get super clear about your goals and the time you can devote to your biz. Does that mean waking up earlier in the mornings to fit some work in? Dedicating nap times to networking? It might be hard - and it is! But it’s only temporary.

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Ways to Work from Home

Want to learn more about finding and keeping work for stay-at-home moms? Get Micala Quinn’s free freelance starter kit and ultimate checklist today — it’s full of work-from-home info to get you started in your new career.