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How To Answer When You Don’t Have Experience As A Beginner Freelancer

Just because you are new or a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t freelance. We all start somewhere. Today we are going over some tools to help you manage the fears that are keeping you from freelancing like how to answer when you don’t have experience as a beginner freelancer.

In this episode, we are covering who and why business owners hire beginner freelancers, how to answer when you don’t have experience as a beginner freelancer, and having a plan to make a solid foundation to begin freelancing!


Why Do Businesses Owners Hire Freelancers

1. First, there is a need for freelance beginners, intermediate freelancers, and expert freelancers. Every week on Instagram I show you the job leads that come through the Live Free Job Board. On that form I ask, “are you looking for a beginner?”. And many answer with, “Yes, I would prefer that.” Or “Yes, if they have the right experience.”

Why would these business owners hire beginner freelancers? Most likely they are open to a beginner because of their budget. Someone who is just beginning, still learning, and in the early stages of their business is going to be more cost-friendly for a business owner to outsource. A beginner is going to charge less than an expert.


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2. The other reason people are open to beginners is personality. Having a certain skill set isn’t everything, skills can be learned. Who someone is, their passion can’t be learned. And a lot of business owners subscribe to that. I do, I believe that almost all roles would be served by someone with the right personality and passion for the business than an expert on the matter. An expert doesn’t always mean better.

For example, I’ve worked with some of the top-of-the-line so-called expert marketers in the past. They promise all these things, great results, etc. But I believe that since they were men with no kids, they didn’t connect to my audience with the way they feel and therefore the copy, messaging, and graphics they created were just so-so. Sure they knew the best strategies, but they lacked a human component and an authentically me component that when I hire women from my program who are beginners, they live that, breathe that, and know that. And that is such a value add that beginners can bring that an experienced person can’t.

So when you are thinking about getting started, what do you have a lot of experience in? What do you have a lot of knowledge in? What is your background? You can use that experience to connect with a business owner’s potential audience through writing their copy, or answering email inquiries. Whatever the position is, you can use that to your advantage and that business owners will want to hire you for.


How to Answer When You Don’t Have Experience

Answering this question had me stuck for a long time when I was trying to land my first client. Potential clients would ask me, “What is your experience with social media?”

My initial answer, which got 0 clients was, “I don’t have any, but I’m a fast learner.” And it didn’t matter how positive, excited, or energetic I was about that answer, I lost clients because of it. I realized in this area, I could improve and once I did, I finally landed a client.

So, how do you answer when you don’t have experience, win the confidence of your potential client, and land the bid even though you don’t have experience?

First, you have to be honest. Say, “I don’t have any direct experience with social media.” The next part is where I went wrong. Instead of saying, “I’m a fast learner”, say, “But one of my strengths is…”

This is exactly what I said and how I booked my first client, “I don’t have direct experience with social media as a business owner. But one of my strengths as a classroom teacher is getting my students to talk about literature and engage in conversations with their peers. At the bare bones, social media is all about starting a conversation. If I can get my sophomores in high school talking about Beowulf, The Iliad, and the Odyssey, then I can get your audience talking about whatever you want them to. Conversations and creativity are my strength, and I can bring that strength to your business, and as your social media manager help you build conversations with your audience.”

So answer honestly, then highlight the experience and strengths you do have that tie into the experience the business owner is looking for.

A bonus tip is to use the language and phrases they use in the discovery call, back to them.

It’s important to always be honest, don’t exaggerate your abilities, and know that the concrete details go a long way. You need to paint a picture and show not just tell the experience and skills you can bring to the table.

So, if you are thinking about starting a business, but this question from potential clients is holding you back. Don’t let it! You can do this, and I can help! Check out The Live Free Academy this program will help you build a solid foundation for your business to create a business plan, plus freelance skills training, and scripts to help answer tough questions from potential clients. Enroll today at!


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