Freelance Coaching Online Helps You Convert Leads into Customers

Are you familiar with the sales funnel? If not, don’t worry. Micala Quinn here - I provide freelance coaching online, tips for working remotely, and strategies for how to work at home with kids, all to help moms working from home start and manage successful businesses.

“Working Mom” Is Redundant

Five years ago, I was an exhausted, desperate mom willing to try anything if it meant I could stop crying in the daycare parking lot after dropping my daughter off at school and crying at home when my husband said “absolutely not” to my stay-at-home-mom dreams.

Do you know all those cliche, WAHM jobs? Been there, done that. Or at felt like it as I desperately jumped from at-home baking biz to trying my hand at making hair bows (spoiler alert: it was a giant fail. And 5 years later my daughter still refuses to wear any accessory that actually….ya know...matches her outfit!)

When I finally found freelancing, I doubled my old teacher salary in less than a year...working where, when, and how I wanted. I turned in my resignation, picked Mclaren up from daycare for the very last time, and never looked back.

“Working Mom” Is Redundant

How to Start a Small Business from Home

One of the reasons I started helping moms who want to work from home is because I learned that there is so much more to running a business than providing your services. You have to have a business plan, build your brand, have an online presence, set competitive prices, and find and select clients.

Another important marketing technique to learn is converting leads into customers. Leads can come from a variety of sources. Some business owners pay third parties to cold-call potential customers to identify leads. Another way to get leads is to offer a coupon or a whitepaper on your website that requires visitors to put in their email to download it. Depending on your line of work, you may find leads in many different places.

The sales funnel I mentioned earlier is a metaphorical reference to how leads are converted into customers. The top of the sales funnel is wide and catches many people. These may be purposeful or accidental visitors to your website or social media platforms, or potential clients you’ve emailed back and forth with or found through networking.

You want to get as many of them to drop through the bottom of the funnel (become paying clients) as you can. There are different ways to go about this, depending on your business and the type of clients you’re seeking. You may want to send them exclusive discounts via email or “retarget” your leads.

Work-from-Home Resources

Work-from-Home Resources

Starting a home-based business is exciting. I’m here to help you reach your goals faster with free work-from-home resources. Download your freelance starter kit today.