Work from home mom tips: 3 different options to build your work from home business on the side, so you can ditch your 9-5

3 different options to build your work from home business on the side, so you can ditch your 9-5

In the Facebook group I manage, The Live Free Podcast Mastermind, I ask 3 question to new members.

    1. How did you find this group, so I know who to thank?
    1. Are you currently a freelancer or interested in becoming one?
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  1. What is your #1 question.

The other day, a mom asked the question, “what is the best way to build an income on the side while working full-time.”

I ask those questions for a reason. Because the answers are amazing and tell me exactly what I need to write about!

So when I saw that question, I wanted to slap myself.

I have talked about how to find clients, how much it costs to startup your freelance business, and my story to freelance success, BUT I have not talked about HOW to actually make it happen.

Kinda an important step.

So, thank you to the mom who asked the question and to all the moms who ask the questions in my group. Your questions are my inspiration! Keep them coming!

I will share a couple different options, who each is good for, and how to go that route.

Option #1: The Impulsive Iris — Jump Now, Jump Fast

In this option, you would put in your two weeks tomorrow (or today) and build up your business as fast as you can.

Who this could be good for:

    • Someone whose bottom line take home pay needs are low ($500-$1,000)
    • Someone who has savings to last a couple months (at least 3 months)
    • Someone who is a no-excuses, self-motivated individual
    • Someone who has digital marketing, social media marketing, design, or tech experience from their current job
    • Someone who is 100% confident in themselves and their ability to problem solve and make freelancing work
    • Someone who absolutely hates their job, is completely unhappy and the job is the main source of that unhappiness (seriously, life is too short to spend your time at a job you hate)
  • Someone who is currently out of the work force

How to do this:

    • Invest in a major program 
    • Live, breath, and be your business. If you have bills to pay, mouths to feed you have got to be able to devote a majority of your time to building your business and finding clients
  • Invest in xanax, this route sounds stressful

Option #2: Stagnant Sally — Stay the Same, Sell Yourself Short

In this option, you continue to complain, but do nothing in hopes that something falls in your lap.

^^^Not recommended. Best of luck if you choose this option.

Option #3: The Steady Betty — Slow and Steady Wins the Race

This option is for the mom who wants to build her business steadily at a rate she can keep up with, but also for the mom who can manage multi-tasking, schedule management, and organization. It can be hard wearing all the hats, so it definitely helps if you have support of your spouse and other family member who understand your goals and are willing to step in to allow you the time and space to build your business. This option can take 1 month – 1 year+; it all depends on the individual and what they put into it. The idea is though, you don’t leave your 9-5 until you have tested the freelance market with your skills and have a consistent client base and project base lined up.

Who this could be good for:

    • Someone who has at least 5 hours of time to build and grow their business on the side
  • Someone who is motivated and a self-starter

How to do this:

    • Invest in at least 1 area of your business, preferably skills training or business building (this can be a small to major purchase — I have a Q&A that is $50 and I am creating a variety of courses and programs all the way up to $1,500+)
    • Find a support system and community and network, network, network
    • Set realistic and incremental goals (I am a fan of the 30, 60, 90 day goal setting), but also set a goal of when you plan to leave your 9-5
    • Look at your calendar and figure out how many hours you have a week to dedicate to your business
      • Include these categories into your business time and add them in each week
          • Learning
          • Networking/Finding Clients
          • Business Setup and Growth
        • Client Work
    • Get organized, create a schedule, and give yourself grace as you slowly build your business
  • And when it is time, take a selfie and dance your way out of your 9-5. Be sure to you use #LiveFreeMama when you do so we can celebrate with you
Wanting to leave your 9-5, but not sure how to accomplish the transition from your 9-5 to freedom through freelancing? I share 3 options + how I did it. Wanting to leave your 9-5, but not sure how to accomplish the transition from your 9-5 to freedom through freelancing? I share 3 options + how I did it. Wanting to leave your 9-5, but not sure how to accomplish the transition from your 9-5 to freedom through freelancing? I share 3 options + how I did it.

How I built my business on the side — The Steady Betty Route

I went part-time at my 9-5.

I invested in a course.

I became a morning person, waking up everyday at 5am. This gave me 10 hours a week to work on growing my business, and eventually client work.

I worked during nap times on my days off — + 4 hours a week.

I worked evenings at least 2X a week — + 4 hours a week.

I would work at least 4 hours over the weekend.

At the minimum, I worked 20 hours a week on top of part-time teaching. It was a struggle at times, but what got me through was knowing that this situation was only temporary, and the light at the end of the tunnel, which was complete and utter freedom to make an income on my terms, the way I want to, when I want to, how I want to, and with who I want to. 

At this rate, once I had invested in the course I surpassed my teaching income 2-3 months (2 months part-time salary, 3 months full-time salary).

When my son was born, I took one week off for maternity leave, and then came back to freelancing work, but never went back to teaching. 

Freelancing on the side and building your business from side-hustle to full time income is 100% achievable and doable.

If you are wanting to build your business on the side — but need a little help to figure out what services you can offer today? Grab my guide below!

Which option will you take to make that leap to find freedom through freelancing?!

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