247. Quick Freelance Questions Series: I'm overwhelmed by all of the different work from home businesses and ways to make money online

Episode 247: Quick Freelance Questions Series: I’m overwhelmed by all of the different work from home businesses and ways to make money online


Hey there! On today’s episode I am sharing different work from home businesses that are possible to make money online. I also share with you why I believe freelancing is the best way to meet your income goals. 

So, I’m going to compare freelancing to some of the most common work from home options out there, as well as share some anecdotes of other people’s experiences as well as may own.

Disclaimer: Yes, my experience in freelancing and helping so many other women build their freelancing careers may make me biased but I just want you to know how possible this is for you too! This episode is in no way to shame others who have gone in a different direction. It’s speaking to the women who haven’t found what they are looking for just yet.

The top 5 common options I see and hear about for work from home moms:


Influencers make money in a couple of different ways through affiliate sales. This is where they link to products and they make a commission on that product. The commissions are around 5%. Some a little more and some even a little less. It would take a LOT of sales to earn $1,000. Brand deals and sponsored posts are another way that affiliates can make money.

2. E-Commerce

E-commerce would be if you had an online boutique and sell other products. You could curate your favorite products and do wholesale and buy them and then ship them from your house. You can do it that way or it can be e-commerce through dropshipping. This would be where you would source the products, but you wouldn’t ever actually buy them and someone else would ship them. You are the go between. You could also have your own products that you create and manufacture as well. Similar to the influencer route, you’re going to need a lot of followers to make consistent enough sales each month and to be consistently creating content. 

3. Etsy

With this option, not only do you need lots of followers and customers, you’re going to have to buy and invest in the materials to make the product. I tried this route with my bow business and actually lost money.

4. Direct sales / MLM / Network Marketing

This is very similar to the influencer affiliate model, because you’re essentially selling a product and you earn commission on it. A lot of times the commission is very small, unless you recruit people under you to also join in and sell it too.

5. Teachers Pay Teachers Sales

This is similar to Etsy except the difference is you make a product that another teacher could buy and use in their classroom and you sell it on Etsy. You are going to need reset customers with this as well.

The issue with all of these options is that in order to meet your income goals and grow, you’re going to need a lot of customers, not only do you need lots of customers, you need lots of repeat customers, and consistent, constant new customers. I want you to see money coming in and helping your family as fast as possible. I full believe the best way to do that is with freelancing.

I’m not saying that any of these options are wrong, but I am saying that if your goal is to get started making money as fast as possible, with as least friction as possible, with as least amount of upfront investment – freelancing is the thing you’re looking for!

With freelancing:

1. You don’t need a lot of customers to hit your income goals

You probably only need a handful of clients anywhere from maybe 3-5 max to meet your income goals each month. 

2. You also don’t need repeat clients.

If you offer services that are retainer based and recur monthly, that means you’re going to need 3-5 clients total, not 3-5 clients every single month. 

3. You don’t have to become a content creator and post on social media if you don’t want to.

You can find clients from other ways. Check out episode 236, episode 242, and episode 244 for just a few ideas on ways to land clients!

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If you aren’t quite sure if freelancing is the route you want to take but want to hear more, I will be hosting an open house on April 17 at 12 pm CST and another at 8 pm CST. In this open house, we will have a few current and former Live Free Academy alum to speak on a panel to answer questions and I will be there too! This is going to be a great opportunity for me to share more about the Live Free Academy with you and learn more about how I can help you reach your goals PLUS an opportunity for you to ask questions and hear from previous students. Reserve your spot here: wwww.micalaquinn.com/live

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The different types of work from home options there are 

  • Why I believe freelancing is the best option for reaching your income goals the fastest

  • Info on our flash sale coming up on the Live Free Academy! 

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