A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Virtual Assistant

A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Virtual Assistant

Today, we continue with the “a day in the life” series!

If you are not familiar, the “a day in the life” or DITL is where we follow an LFA alumna for the day to learn about how they work, who they work with, and how they do it all.

If you’ve been around Instagram Stories for a while, you may have seen other LFA alumni talking about their journey before!

Becca is a social media virtual assistant, she takes us through a typical day showing us what it’s like working at home, as a social media virtual assistant.

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A Day In The Life Of a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Watch the full video with Becca here to see extra details like a Q&A and why Becca made a switch from being a school music teacher to social media virtual assistant!

Waking up

Around 6:15 Becca wakes up before the rest of her family and begins her day with quiet time. She gets ready, reads her bible, and preps for the day before her two kids wake up.


Around 7 A.M., Becca hears her husband wake up and shower for work and her toddler waking up. So, Becca goes to get her daughter up and dressed for preschool. By the time she’s finished with that, the baby is awake so Becca gets her up and nurses her.

They all have family time eating breakfast together before the activities of the day begin.

Becca’s husband takes their older daughter to preschool, so Becca can focus on her business. Today being a preschool day, they head out the door for drop-off.


Nap + work time

The baby has playtime and Becca spends that time playing with her before the first nap.


Crossing her fingers that the baby takes a good nap so that she can do a good chunk of work while the baby sleeps.



When baby wakes up, Becca dresses her and they try to get some movement in. If the weather is nice out, it is usually a walk outside.

When they get back home, the baby has playtime and Becca does a little more work. And shares her to-do list for the day!



Becca and baby take a break and each lunch.

Then the baby is ready for nap number two. This nap is usually her longest nap of the day allowing Becca to get the most work in, usually about 2 hours.



In the afternoon, the baby wakes up and plays while Becca fits in a little more work before calling it quits for the evening. Becca shares what her office looks like while they work and play for a bit.


She also fits in a workout for the day.


Since the baby woke up early from her nap, Becca decided to try and put her down for a short nap before big sister gets home from preschool. While napping, Becca checks that all her tasks are completed for the day, and makes a list for the rest of the week.


Becca wraps up work for the day and they go pick up big sister from preschool. Eat dinner as a family, and prepare for church activities in the evening.

Becca says she tries not to do any work in the evening, but some days she needs to.


Becca’s Work as a Social Media Virtual Assistant

While working in her business and with the retainer clients she has, Becca figured out that the tasks she likes and enjoys doing most are, in some way, related to social media.

So, eventually, she wants to niche down into offering social media management in 2023. But for now, she’s happy calling herself a social media virtual assistant.


Here’s a breakout of Becca’s clients and current workload.

  • Client 1: VA tasks and SM content creation/scheduling.
  • Client 2: VA tasks, content repurposing, podcast pitching
  • Client 3: VA tasks, scheduling pre-made SM content
  • Client 4: Social Media Management
  • Client 5: VA tasks and SM content repurposing, some content creation, and scheduling
  • Client 6: I help my church with VA tasks

social media virtual assistant client breakdown Becca Hoover


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