A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer - Miranda Doyle

A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer – Miranda Doyle

Want to know what a day in the life of a web designer is like?

Miranda Doyle is our special guest, a Live Free Academy student, and a web designer! We are following her for a day to see what her life looks like as she works from home helping clients web design and branding services.

Miranda has been freelancing since 2021 when she began as a virtual assistant offering VA and social media work. She has since niched down into branding and website design. Her story is so inspiring!

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A Day in the Life of a Web Designer

Intro Miranda Doyle

This year is a new experience and adjustment for me as all 3 kids are in school. So, I’m still adjusting to see what that looks like for my business and myself during the school day.

Daily schedule

freelance web designer schedule

Typically, that is getting up with them, getting them ready, and off to school. After I come home from dropping the girls off, I give myself some time to have coffee and get things cleaned up around the house. (I always feel much better when the house is a little more organized).

Kids off to school

Fun facts

Since you’ve heard about my business, here are a few fun facts about me on the personal side.

  • My husband and I have been together since high school for almost 17 years and married for 10.
  • We have 3 kiddos together, 7th grade, 8th grade, and kindergarten.
  • We love being outdoors doing four-wheeling, fishing, hunting, camping, and going to the beach.

In 2021, I saw an ad for Micala’s course. I stalked it for a while trying to get an idea if it was something that could work. Then, on my birthday, I decided to purchase the course at the end of January!

I began to dive into it and launched my business at the end of February/early March. I landed my first client in May and landed 4 more through June and July.

When I began, I offered virtual assistant work because I had customer service experience from previous jobs.

The first social media client I got, I still help with. She is my one and only one social media client.

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Niching into web design

After offering social media assistance to clients, I realized it wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

I realized I really liked the content, graphics, and design part of things, but I didn’t like the strategy part. So, the scheduling, the ideas behind reels, and following the algorithm are not really where I wanted to spend my time.

That’s when I started paying attention to branding and website. I started paying attention to Mackenzie Mader’s course and had a coffee chat with someone in LFA. It helped me make the decision last November that I would take Mackenzie’s course.

After niching, I have realized I love what I’m doing. I want client after client because I love what I’m doing now!

Web design work

Here are 2 sneak peeks of my work with branding and web design!

web design work time

web design sneak peek


Finding web design tools

One thing I see a lot is when to invest in your business or take the next course. When to learn something new from somebody else?

There’s a piece of FOMO, when there is next big thing, and somebody has this idea, and someone else has that idea. It can be overwhelming!

You can spend $40 here, $20 there for that idea, for this mastermind. It can be never-ending.

My learning experience is that there have been multiple times when I hit a roadblock and struggled to find the momentum to move forward. I would be in this stagnant space. Those times I’ve found to benefit me the most by investing in my business.

One of those times was when I decided to take a website and design course. I’ve now invested again and I am taking a sales and marketing course.

It’s been a big struggle, but there are things I didn’t even know I needed to learn.

The point is, don’t ever feel you are at an end-all-be-all with your business. It is constantly evolving and changing, especially in the online space. So it’s a balance with that!



Q: Do you do VIP days or longer turnaround times?

A: I do a 6-week project timeline. I am about to drop it to 4 weeks. And then the next will be weekly! At this point, I don’t see doing VIP days for a while unless it’s a refresh or a small-scale project.

Q&A web design VIP day and turnaround time


Q: How long did you do VA work before niching to Web Design?

A: I focused on VA work from the start till about 6 months in (but continued with current VA clients until 1 year.) Then I switched to  Social Media Management for 5 months and started transitioning into branding and website! Side note I still have my old 9-5 boss as an SMM client! So you can really do things however they suit you!

Q&A length of time from VA to SMM to web design


Q: Where do you find clients? Are they all Web design or other types too?

A: I do have one Social Media Management client, my old 9-5 boss! It is super easy and quick work for me! But I mostly get my clients from IG (lots of engagement & content which is always a work in progress) and referrals! Creating a network is the key to long-term revolving clients. Think old-school networking events; same thing but online! All my other clients are branding & website clients.

Q&A how to find web design clients


Words of Encouragement

If you are on the fence about deciding whether this is a course for you or not, the only recommendation I have is to go for it!

If you are a mom, want to be a mom, dog mom, plant mom, or any kind of mom that has the desire to work from home, create your own schedule, and do what you want to do how you want to do it, and when you want to do it. If that is a desire for you-this course is for you!

I have sat on that desire for over 12 years since I had my oldest. It has always been this feeling in the bottom of my heart that I wanted to be home. I wanted to do things my way. Create something that is mine that I have built from the ground up.

I can sustain this mom-work life and still feel a part of both of them 100% of the time. I can’t say it enough just do it!

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Reach out with questions about web design


Thanks for hanging out with me today on A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer! You can find me on Instagram at @mirandalindoyle. If you have any branding or website questions or are heading in that direction then reach out!

kid screenshot end of day


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