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Ready to learn how to do the in-demand virtual assistant tasks all business owners are hiring for right now, so you can sky rocket your freelance success?

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Wait, what’s a virtual assistant?

I’m glad you asked!

A virtual assistant is a freelancer that helps a business owner with all of the administrative day-to-day tasks of running a business. Each & every business is different, so the exact tasks of every virtual assistant will vary some. As a virtual assistant, your client will delegate to you specific tasks. Some tasks will be recurring daily, some recurring weekly, some recurring monthly, & others will be one-time tasks. As a virtual assistant, you basically get handed a “to-do” list and you turn it into a to-done list!

If you’re brand new to the freelance space or feel like none of your prior work experience translates perfectly to the freelance space, virtual assistant is the best freelance service to start your business with & I can help you learn the main services EVERY business owner needs support with!

Virtual Assistance is for YOU

if you are:

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Able to multi-task.

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A Problem Solver.

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Hi, Micala Quinn here.

Wife, mom, & work-at-home mom test case.

Seven years ago, I was an exhausted, desperate mom willing to try anything if it meant I could stop crying in the daycare parking lot after dropping my daughter off at school and crying at home when my husband said “absolutely not” to my stay-at-home-mom dreams.

You know all those cliche, WAHM jobs? Been there, done that. Or at least...it felt like it as I desperately jumped from at-home baking biz to trying my hand at making hair bows (spoiler alert: it was a giant fail. And almost 8 years later my daughter still refuses to wear any accessory that actually….ya know...matches her outfit!)

When I finally found freelancing, I doubled my old teacher salary in less than a year (and slashed my work hours in half)...working where, when, and how I wanted. I turned in my resignation, picked my daughter Mclaren up from daycare for the very last time, and never looked back.

Seriously. That was one of the happiest days of my life & the best decision I ever could have made.

I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a flashy Website or invest in hundreds of training programs. Instead, I used the skills and experience I already had as a teacher to land clients — and ran their businesses as efficiently as I ran my classroom.

...and guess what? I got started in the freelance space as a virtual assistant back in 2016.


And now? I’ve taught thousands of women –- teachers, nurses, corporate managers, HR reps, and stay-at-home moms — how to replicate my success. This is real. And it’s possible for anyone looking to end the family vs. finances battle.

Now it’s your turn.

Skills Camp (4) (1)

Freelance Skills Camp

General Virtual Assistant

4 on demand trainings

Learn the in-demand virtual assistant tasks all business owners are hiring for right now!

Why start as a Virtual Assistant?

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The demand is unlimited. Every business owner has an needless amount of admin & backend tasks that MUST get done, but they don’t have to be the one to do them! They can hire YOU & save 5, 10, 20 hours a week. They can choose to put that time back into their business to do the revenue generating tasks only they can do OR they can choose to spend that time back with their family & enjoying the life & business they built!

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The growth potential is unlimited. While virtual assistant is an entry level service, you’ll learn SO much as a virtual assistant in just a few months.

Three months working as a virtual assistant is like 2 years of working in corporate. In that time your confidence will soar. Your experience will soar. Youll learn what you love doing, what you don’t & from there can start to speciaize & niche down.

Virtual assistants that love the creative side of things either grow into social media management roles, marketing roles, or design roles.

Virtual assistants that love the tiny details & backend view, grow into the online business manager role.

But you can also continue to stay in the virtual assistant role as long as you like - no pressure to grow rapid fast, if that’s not your mojo!

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No experience required. Perfect spot for beginners.

Learn the in-demand virtual assistant tasks all business owners are hiring for right now

in just a few hours!

What’s included in

Freelance Skills Camp:
Virtual Assistant Week?

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Email Inbox Management 101 + Customer Support

Ready to learn how to take over a client’s email inbox management + customer support? That’s the goal of day 1. This service is on the top of every business owners outsource wishlist. It takes a lot of time, but it can be super stressful for the business owner to find (& trust) someone who will manage their inbox & respond to potential customers & clients as if it was them! Not when they hire you, though!

Come away from day 1 with:

the knowledge & expertise needed to manage a client's email inbox better than them!

a system to collect & fix any & all customer service tasks that come in your client's inbox, even if you're a beginner!

the best tips to communicate with your clients in the moment, saving you both time & sanity!

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KPI & Data Entry Management

Every business owner has KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) & metrics that they track to measure how well things are going - whether it's in regards to sales, their communities, social media, email marketing & keeping up to date with all the numbers is a huge time suck... which makes it a perfect task to pass off to a virtual assistant... AKA YOU!

Come away from day 2 knowing:

the main metrics & KPI's business owners track 

how to implement & manage a current KPI spreadsheet

how to create & implement a system for KPI management from scratch

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Social Media Posting + Engagement

Not all social media tasks need to be done by a social media manager. Posting & engaging are two social media tasks that get outsourced to VAs instead! These were two of the first tasks I ever took on for my first client way back when!

Come away from day 3 knowing:

how to schedule all of the content for your client's social media channels

how to engage and interact as your client on their profiles

how to set-up manychat to boost your client's engagement & grow their business (this could potentially be a stand alone service you offer!) 

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Podcast & PR Pitching 

This is another task a business owner outsources to a virtual assistant in addition to potentially being a service you could specialize in & solely offer!

Come away from day 4 knowing:

how to research & find podcast & PR opportunities to pitch your client for to grow their brand & visibility 

how to write & structure the out reach emails - I've got a SOLID template for you, too 

a system to manage the follow-ups & overall process for pitching your clients

Skills Camp (4) (1)

What's included

Day 1: Email Inbox Management 101 + Customer Support (Value $97)

Day 2: KPI & Data Entry Management (Value $97)

Day 3: Social Media Posting + Engagement (Value $97)

Day 4: Podcast & PR Pitching (Value $97)

Total Value: $388

Today's Price: $147

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skills Camp (4) (1)

What's included

Day 1: Email Inbox Management 101 + Customer Support (Value $97)

Day 2: KPI & Data Entry Management (Value $97)

Day 3: Social Media Posting + Engagement (Value $97)

Day 4: Podcast & PR Pitching (Value $97)

Total Value: $388

Today's Price: $147

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