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freelancing is the future

But you might be wondering what is a freelancer?

A freelancer is basically someone who specializes in a specific skill set and helps other businesses grow their business. A freelancer is not an employee.

A freelancer does not work FOR someone, but with someone. A freelancer either works on a project basis or a monthly retainer. Some freelancers charge a flat fee per project, others charge hourly. It’s your choice and your decision!

Your specialized skill set may be social media, design, tech, Pinterest, copywriting, bookkeeping or just saving them time and operating as a virtual assistant.

freelancing stats

Calling all millennials

42% of all workers age 22-34 freelance

56.7 million Americans freelance, an increase of 3.7 million in the past five years.​

51% of freelancers say they wouldn't take a traditional job, no matter how much they're offered

why is freelancing the best work at home option for moms?



84% of Full-time freelancers state that their work allows them to live the lifestyle that they want vs only 63% of non-freelancers.


42% of freelancers agree that freelancing allows them the flexibility they need because they are unable to work for a traditional employer because of personal circumstances (health issues & childcare needs)

financial stability

60% of freelancers earn more freelancing than they did with an employer (and most got there in less than 1 year!)

on average our mamas...

mamas enrolled
to get first client
complete the course

income per month

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In this episode we take a deep dive into why freelancing is the best option for moms to work at home!

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How I ditched my soul-sucking 9-5 and tripled my take home pay all while working less hours & on my terms as a freelancer + how you can too!

There is a career waiting for you that will ignite your passion & revolutionize your life and it is called freelancing! Think virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, graphic designer... Yes, finally a GOOD option!

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