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A Day In The Life Of An Online Community Manager

Are you wondering what the role of an online community manager looks like? Learn from The Live Free Academy’s very own online community manager, Taylor Trost! She’s sharing her story of getting started, and what her role is running student challenges and the online community here at the LFA headquarters!

A Day in the Life of an Online Community Manager


Wake up

The first thing in the morning is to wake up early to drink a pre-workout shake and read my devotional.

wake up, pre-workout shake, and daily devotional

I try not to sign into my laptop until 8:30 AM because this is one way to set work boundaries easily. And I fit in a workout before signing in.

Online Community Manager Agenda

On the agenda for today:

online community manager agenda

I love to-do lists.

to do list

To organize my day, I block out an hour for each client I work with. So each day I work with client 1 is blocked out in Green. And every day I work for client 2 is blocked out in Purple. I use this scheduling tool in combination with a daily planner.

Day-to-day I follow mostly what I put in my planner to-do list because it is more specific to what tasks need to be done each day.

online community manager day to day tasks in planner


Taylor’s Journey to Becoming an Online Community Manager

Starting the Live Free Academy course

I have been teaching for 7 years and will be getting married soon. I just resigned over the summer and before that had just found out about freelancing only a few short months ago!

I learned about it from an ad on Instagram from Micala Quinn about a free Live Workshop. During that free training, I took so many notes, about 4 pages front and back!

virutal assistant training 4 pages of notes

After that, I was just so excited and felt like God was calling me to take this next step. So I talked to my fiance about investing in the course, and luckily he was super supportive!

When I signed up, I purchased it on a Friday night and binged it! I watched it on that Saturday and Sunday. That weekend was a 3 day weekend, so I watched it on Monday, and Tuesday was a snow day so I watched it that day too. I finished it in a couple of weeks.

Starting as a virtual assistant

After finishing the course, I worked as a virtual assistant for 4 months and then I quit my full-time job. My first client was a former teacher who created resources to sell on TPT.

She would have a resource started and I would go in and make sure everything looked good.

My second and third clients were both marketing companies. For them, I was scheduling social media posts editing the copy, and scheduling the posts.

Transitioning to an online community manager and business manager

After that, I took a Director of Marketing Program. Since I’ve been shifting gears into more marketing and offering marketing services.

As an online business manager, I help online business optimize their systems.

In working with Micala as an online community manager, I help run the LFA monthly client challenges. I will help students by answering questions and giving support and feedback to students. I offer students new ideas to try and make sure they are consistent in checking in and being consistent.


Tasks as an Online Business Manager

One of my clients is a local photographer, who I manage the leads and messages for. So, every day I help her with these 2 things.

  1. I check if there are any messages about her pricing or services and help by responding to them.
  2. I help schedule sessions by looking at her calendar and giving her clients available slots then booking the time slot they choose.

obm working screenshot

I have created a spreadsheet for her to keep track of leads. In this I track their name, the date they inquired, what they were interested in, and where they are in the booking process. This way I can communicate where we are at with new inquiries.


Online Community Manager Q&A:

Q&A screenshot 1

Q: Where did you find your clients? It still seems too good to be true.

A: I get that it seems “too good to be true.” I had that feeling for a bit too…but after the free training & stalking Micala’s IG account, I could SEE that it’s possible. I know I’m a hard worker and with that, I feel you’re super powerful and can accomplish A LOT! When you take the course, you have SO MUCH SUPPORT that I think it’s probably difficult to “not succeed”.

I looked in 2-3 Facebook groups (same ones) each day AND the job leads board. Every day I looked. If I was on my lunch break or somewhere random when I saw it, I would SCREENSHOT it so that I could get to it later that evening or the next day.

Q: What’s the biggest learning curve for you so far? Have any imposter syndrome?

A: Biggest learning curve?Choosing the RIGHT clients! It’s not always best to just say YES to any opportunity that exists. If you see a “red flag” in a job opp or discovery call, notice that and RUN! 🙂

Imposter syndrome? No, not really! Being a virtual assistant you’re doing tasks for others. I’m confident in my abilities and skills…and things that I’m not (such as certain programs), I’m honest & upfront about it! Many business owners are willing to train you if you’re a great fit personality & work ethic-wise!

Q&A screenshot 2

Q: How many clients do you have? Are you matching or exceeding your teacher income?

A: I have 6 clients right now…2 on small VA packages.

I’m not yet matching my teacher’s income. I do have my master’s degree so I was making pretty good money (in my opinion) after 7 years of teaching. I’m very CLOSE and think that by Oct 1 or sometime this fall, I will FULLY replace it! 🙂

Just a reminder, MONEY isn’t the only reason everyone leaves a job. For me, it wasn’t that AT ALL! 1 of my biggest reasons for freelancing is the FREEDOM. 🙂

Q: How did you start reaching out to people?

A: I sent a few pitches to local businesses, that I thought could benefit from my services. I also interacted a lot with their accounts on social media & reached out if they left any hint of needing help!

Q: Where did you find your clients?

A: MOSTLY Facebook groups! Also, being a part of the LFA, you get access to a Job Leads board. This is where business owners fill out a hire form and we, as students of the LFA get access to the job opportunities!

Q&A screenshot 3

Q: What do you think you’ll miss most about teaching?

A: Honestly, my colleagues and the students! I’d say the biggest downfall (can also be a huge perk for some) of leaving a “traditional job” is that you don’t have co-workers you see daily! I plan to schedule 1-2 social get-togethers each week to make up for that!

Q: How many hours do you work per day and per week?

A: I’m still in the building phase of my business! Currently, I’m at about 20-25 hours/week. I will be hearing back from a few potential clients this week though!

You will naturally sell yourself on discovery calls but I’ve found that when you find clients you connect with…that part is super easy! It’s basically just talking about yourself and finding common ground! No one expects you to shop up with a PowerPoint or anything! 🙂

And Micala gives you everything you need inside LFA–down to discovery call scripts to use and email templates to apply for jobs!

Whether you have been here on Micala’s page for a long time or if this is your first time here–I cannot recommend the Live Free Academy enough! I was hesitant at first too, but if you follow all the steps in the program you will make back that investment so quickly. Then you will laugh at the fact that you were hesitant to begin with.

“Live the life you want to live! If your current job is holding you back, give freelancing a shot!

To learn more about the Live Free Academy click here!

To follow along with me or have any questions send them to @Taylorannservices.


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