The 7 Best Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs For Working From Home

The 7 Best Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs For Working From Home

Do you want to know what the best work-from-home jobs are? In a nutshell, they are remote virtual assistant jobs! These jobs you can start today without any experience. They are flexible jobs where you determine your hours, who you work with, and the work you do. It sounds too good to be true. Right? It’s not. These remote virtual assistant jobs are for real, and there are plenty!

So, without further ado, here is our list of the best remote virtual assistant jobs for working from home.

7 Best Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs

This list of best remote virtual assistant jobs is not all-inclusive, but these are some of the most popular job listings I see posted from businesses looking for remote assistant jobs.

These jobs were popular in 2023 and are staying popular in 2024 because as long as social media and search engines focus on content, businesses will need help creating and managing all that content!

1. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides a service to a business. In the case of a remote virtual assistant, this person works remotely.

A virtual assistant can help businesses with periodically scheduled tasks a business needs to do or can help with 1-time projects. They essentially are an assistant that helps a business owner get things done.

Some tasks a remote virtual assistant might do are email inbox management, calendar management, or customer service.

2. Social media assistant or manager

A social media assistant or manager helps create social media posts for various apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The social media tasks you might help with will vary, but as an assistant, you might help with scheduling and posting, creating posts, writing captions, or creating a business account.

As a social media manager, you might help more with the strategy of the social media account. You might research social media trends and hashtags, create monthly content calendars, and work with KPIs.

3. Copywriter

Copywriters are in high demand because copy takes a lot of time and skill to master. As a copywriter, your goal is to write content that educates, inspires, or entertains the people reading your copy. This type of content is long-form and needs to keep the reader engaged.

Tasks you might help with as a copywriter are writing copy, editing, proofreading, and reporting on analytics.

Think of all the touchpoints in a business. Where they are customer-facing: newsletters, website products, webpage copy, blog pages, vlogs, white papers, brochures, presentations, social media captions, email marketing campaigns, ads, and landing pages.

4. Podcast manager

Podcasts are super popular right now, so any business that has one or is thinking about starting a podcast might be looking for a podcast manager to help them. Producing a podcast is also time-consuming, but it is a great resource for connecting with your audience!

Click here to browse all the episodes of The Live Free Podcast! 

Working as a podcast manager, you might help do research on new topics, keyword research, copyright the show, write show notes, manage to find and schedule guests for the podcast, edit, and audio graphics for each episode, and produce and upload each show.

5. Designer

A designer or graphic designer helps a business with branding using design elements to create and carry out the branding throughout its online and printed publications. So, on a website, in their brochures, presentations, emails, and apps.

6. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper might help a business record transactions in their financial books, update the general ledger, create and track cash flow, run payroll, and create invoices.

7. Operational business manager

An operational business manager or OBM helps to manage the day-to-day tasks of running the business. They might help manage projects, team members, operations, or KPIs. An OBM will help with the planning, implementation, and organization to keep it running smoothly for the business owner.


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Recent Remote Virtual Assistant Job Postings

In my course group, Live Free Job Board, a bonus of becoming a member is gaining exclusive access to the Live Free Job Board. Here a business owner will submit information about a remote virtual assistant job they are looking to hire for, and the information is available only to course members!

Here are a few sneaks of the best remote virtual assistant jobs!

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Q: How can I find the best remote virtual assistant jobs/work-from-home jobs?

When I was first looking to work from home, I didn’t know virtual assistant jobs existed! It was like this secret world of working from home. When I stumbled upon it after hearing about a job board from someone, I quickly learned the routes to finding these remote virtual assistant jobs.

Job boards
Live Free Hire Board

While not all job boards are my favorite ways to find clients, many are legit and a great way to find good clients. I mentioned before, the free access you get to the job board when you sign up for The Live Free Academy course.

There is also a job board called When I started working in these remote virtual assistant jobs, this job board was where I got started and landed my first client. Learn 6 tips on landing clients with the CEO of in this blog post!

Other Job Boards

Not all job boards are created equal. While I think the two boards mentioned above are filled with great clients willing to pay a fair price for remote virtual assistants, I don’t believe all job boards do. Boards like Upwork and Freelancer are filled with low-ball offers from people just trying to make a sale and more scams on these sites. While I think there is potential to find decent clients here, you have to be more careful when using these job boards to find remote virtual assistant jobs.

Networking in Facebook groups

Facebook is one of my favorite ways to find the best remote virtual assistant jobs for working from home! Facebook is known for its community of groups, and if you search you will find a ton of entrepreneur moms on there looking for virtual assistants to help them with their online businesses. If you search Facebook, you can find a group for almost anything. With all these groups, it’s easy to start searching and networking with other businesses you want to work with.

In these groups, these people connect with posts and comments, sharing their struggles and wins or asking questions. To start networking, join the group and participate in posts and comments when you can. If you can answer a question, go for it. Like the wins of others and tell them congratulations!

Some groups even let you post your pitch directly to potential clients. Although some have strict rules against that, so make sure you follow the group rules!

Cold Pitch/Direct Outreach

This method goes by many names: cold pitching, direct outreach, etc. When people hear this, they think of door-to-door sales. Whatever you call it, it is finding a client you want to work with and pitching your services to them.

However, there is a right way to do this method to land clients.  I did a blog post about the best way to land clients with the cold pitch method, read it here!

Here is a list of the steps to take when you want to find the best remote virtual assistant jobs with direct outreach:

  1. Make a list of people you want to work with.
  2. Pick your top 5-10. Research them.
  3. Draft a template email.
  4. Customize the email for each business. The key here is to make it very customized to each business.
  5. Follow-up.
Personal network

To land remote virtual assistant jobs through your network, think about the people in your life: family, friends, acquaintances, and business connections.

Reach out to them, and let them know you are starting a business as a virtual assistant. Then ask if they know anyone who may need your services. They may or may not know of someone right now, but in the future, they will hopefully think of you when they do know someone!

Market your services on social media

I do not suggest this method until you are a more established business because your services may change at the beginning of your business. However, when you decide on the services you want to offer, you can build up your social media presence around those services and target who you want to work with, connecting with them.

Read more about the ways to land clients in this blog post!


Q: What are the highest paying jobs/can I make 6-figures

Can you make 6-figures as a remote virtual assistant? Yes. Here are the steps to make 6-figures with a remote virtual assistant job.

Take the hours you want to work each week and multiply by the number of weeks in a month by 4.5. If you want a 6 figure salary, you need to make $10,000 a month, divide by the hours, and get the amount you need to charge per hour. See the example below.

Example 1: Availability to work 20 hours per week.

Take 20 hours x 4.5 weeks in a month = 90 hours per week to work each month.

Take the number you want to make each month 10,000 (for a 6-figure salary).

10,000 divided by 90 = 111

So, to make 6-figures a month, you will need to charge $111 an hour.


Q: Can I work from home as a beginner?

Yes. As a beginner, you can work from home as a remote virtual assistant!
Here are the general hourly rates for virtual assistant services.

Beginner freelance service rates

$20-35 per hour

Experienced freelance service rates

$40-70 per hour

Expert freelance service rates

$75+ an hour.



If you want to find the best remote virtual assistant jobs as a beginner, first determine the skills you already have. You might not know it yet, but you have unique skills from past jobs, positions, and experiences that you can transfer into working as a virtual assistant. Use my free resource, The Freelance Skills Assessment, which will help you figure out your skillset!


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